Monday, February 05, 2007

Brain Dead

Recently I have been thinking about changing to blogspot... they look cooler and more organized. What do y'all think?

I don't understand why all my British friends put up pictures of them drinking on Facebook. It seems like that's all they do, which is sad. Every photo album is of them at some party, alcohol in hand, acting completely crazy. Why? I love life and have so much fun without getting drunk. I don't think alcohol is wrong in moderation, but it definitely becomes wrong when that's all you do. *Sigh.*

God keeps surprising me more and more lately. His blessings are huge and He keeps pouring them on me! I don't deserve anything He gives. He is showing me the hearts of other believers and it's so cool because they share the same desires and hopes as me. I wish I was more eloquent and could share all my thoughts and feelings on this, but it's like the words are stuck inside me. I've never been wonderful with words and it's really frustrating. I guess I'll just say that God is good and righteous and He's teaching me a lot!

I watched a YouTube video the other day that Carolyn showed me and it made me so upset. I think it was a clip from Fox News or something - a guy was interviewing a Christian extremist lady who protested against.... everything, really. She was from a very small church where her family was 80% of the congregation. They carried signs that said things like "God hates fags" and they protested against funerals for soldiers. She said that it was God's wrath that was causing the death of the soliders. It just made me so sad.... that these people claim to know God but they really don't. The God I worship is full of love and grace. Yes, He hates sin. You can't ignore that... but when you leave out His love, there's something wrong there! He pursues us even when we run from Him, time and time again. It breaks my heart that that lady doesn't know God like that.

I am so distracted today, I think I should sign off now.