Friday, August 17, 2007

Moms and Such

I have been working on a post with Carolyn for a few days now. It's been something that has been on my heart, but I'm not quite sure that the post is finished yet. It's times like these when I feel like my words are never good enough. I love to write, but my words don't seem to accurately convey the things that weigh so heavily on my heart. My mind seems to process those thoughts without words.

I wish there was a way to communicate without using words sometimes. Maybe that's why I like hugs so much. You don't have to say anything; a hug says it all: I love you, I'm excited to see you, I care about you, I'm here for you, Thank you, I'll miss you, You are important to me... the list goes on.

I am absolutely in love with this song:

Except that the version from the CD isn't so produced. It's simply the piano. You can go here to listen to it. Click on "Sophia." Kellie introduced me to her... :)

I think something is wrong with me. Well, maybe not wrong, but I'm definitely weird. I have become absolutely intreagued with moms. Maybe part of it is because that is something that seems to be built into the very core of my being. I can't wait to be a mom! It'll be amazingly difficult, but I am sure I will love it. I think that being around so many moms this summer (in my women's discipleship class, at church etc.) has made me think a lot. I want to know the Biblical way to raise children. I want to know what the Bible says about spanking. I want to know about a woman's Biblical position is with regards to parenting. I want to know what submission looks like in marriage (not so much a mom thing, but something I've been thinking a lot about also). I want to know if it's ok to tell kids that the tooth fairy isn't real, or that Santa doesn't exist. I want to know how much tv a child should be watching, and which shows are good or bad. I love talking to moms and watching them interact with their children. It's kind of creepy, I know. I guess I just think that maybe it's a good idea to think about this stuff before you have kids. Hmmm. It makes me want to get my life in order because your children will imitate you. According to the Bible, we are to teach our children and train them.

I stood in line at Walmart yesterday for about 10 minutes, and listened to a whole conversation between a mother and her teenaged son about chewing tobacco. She was trying to buy him some, and they didn't have the kind he liked. He was trying to descibe why each brand wasn't right, and his mom kept saying "I don't know what that means... I don't know a lot about this stuff." I seriously couldn't believe this mother was being educated about tobacco by her son! I also couldn't believe that she was perfectly ok with buying him that disgusting stuff. I don't really know why I'm telling this story. I guess I was just a little shocked, and it reminded me of the kind of mom I don't want to be. I will love my kids too much to let them get involved with stuff like that...

It's getting late. I should probably get to bed! I have a lot to do tomorrow to prepare for Anna and Hannah's arrival on SATURDAY!!! I freakin can't believe it.

Just for fun: this picture is for Austin. I don't have to explain anything - he'll understand! :)



Carolyn said...

That music video kinda scares me. It sent chills up my spine. I think it was the ring of fire...

Elena May said...

Oh my God, Katie, you're such a freak! No, I'm totally kidding, I completely understand what you mean about mums and wanting to know how to raise children and stuff, I think about that kinda thing too. I think you will be a great mum!!
And that song is amazing: the one on her webpage is way better than the video though. :)
Have a great time with Anna and Hannah! H xx
PS, I am going to Paris on my own, and only for two days, but it should be awesome! i am so excited!

Ashley said...

I love watching moms in action! It helps me understand what kind of mom I want to be for my children someday. I know for sure that I don't want to be that mom in the grocery store yelling at her kids for everyone to hear! That's always very awkward to witness...

I can't wait to see you EITHER!! I think I say it on every comment/wall posting too! :) It's very soulmate-y of us!!! hahaha.

Austin said...

I listened to the song and really liked it. I can't say that I am looking forward to being a mom as much as all you girls who commented, but I definitely am looking forward to being a dad. I love seeing little kids around their parents when you can tell that the parents are showing their kids God's love as he intended. It is a great responsibility for everyone planning on having kids to think about those things and be prepared when God blesses you with the opportunity to be responsible for their learning and growth. I really love working with the kids at church and I feel it is in some way preparing me for being a father. I do not have any younger siblings so I have not had as much interaction with young kids as some people have. I am thankful for how God teaches us and prepares us.

Oh, and thank you Katie for that picture. It brightened my day.