Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Big-Girl Job is Scaring Me...

The summer is in full swing. I am enjoying my "off" time but in the back of my head I can't stop thinking about school.

What goes through my head most of the time is I have so much to do.

I feel like I haven't got the slightest clue where to start. I want to buy things for my classroom. But what do I need?

What is the best way to organize the classroom? How should I arrange the seating?

What do I do on the first day of school?

What if my kids get horrible test scores and I feel like a failure for teaching them nothing?

It's at times like these that I just have to switch my worrying off and tell God my concerns. He cares for me.

I want a teacher with one or two years under their belt to go shopping with me and help me furnish my classroom because I feel overwhelmed.

Okay, enough about school.

The one downside to summers are the gazillion weddings. I'm not sure how many I've been to so far but I still have at least three or so to go. Thankfully, the next two weekends are wedding-free. Austin and I are going on a camping/the Farm trip with our Sunday School group and then next weekend we are going to see my family up in Dallas. Pop's going to be there and I'm so excited!

I have stuff I need to do now so I'll have to write again later.


Ashley said...

i would be MORE THAN HAPPY to go shopping with you. :) it would be fun. honestly, i didn't buy much before school started other than a few "cutesy" posters. your team will be there to help you, and you'll have a mentor to help too!

TRUST ME, all the same questions floated through my head last summer. you will be surprised how easily you will find your little niche with your kids in your classroom (i know i was!). be prepared for this year to be a complete LEARNING year. i can honestly say i learned something new EVERY SINGLE DAY.

if i could give one piece of advice: ask questions. if you're unsure about something, or want some advice on what to do with a student, or you don't know how to word an email to a parent (this was my main questions because my school's parents are VERY INVOLVED), ask someone around you. don't feel like you're in this alone. and of course, you can always rely on me if you have a question. :)

ok, wow, that's a long comment. i'll see you next week!! I'M SO EXCITED! let me know what you want to do.