Sunday, October 25, 2009


God is so good to me.

Last week was one of the longest and hardest weeks I have had in a very long time. I was incredibly discouraged almost every day and really feeling the pressure of my job. I always seem to have so much to do, yet I am not the kind of person that can stay up all hours of the night and function on less than 8 hours of sleep.

I think the correct description of my current state would be "burnt out".

Yet God is faithful and good.

My wonderful husband has been amazing this past week. He cooked dinner for us every night and rubbed my feet/back/neck when they really hurt. He helps me grade if he can and then does other tedious jobs for me. Today he cleaned the entire apartment while I wrote lesson plans. He never complains, but serves me and loves me. I just love that God has blessed me with him!

Teaching is hard. I won't lie. I am challenged every day to love my students and not whine or complain about anything I am supposed to do. Most of the time I feel completely overwhelmed but the Lord sustains me.

Monday was a particulary stressful trial. I called Carolyn on the way home because I knew she would listen as I talked and then provide me with much-needed encouragement. That night, at 2 in the morning, I got the longest text message in the world:

"I am praying that as you wake up this morning that you put your hope in Christ to affirm you and uphold you emotionally and spiritually and that you would acknowledge that He supplies you from His own power with strength to endure with patience. I am convinced that the verse I quoted is of the very heartbeat of our Daddy God who cares so much more about our dependency on Him and surrender to Him than about giving us the answers we plead for. Wake up this morning and thank Him first for this opportunity to see His power, to know more of His providence and to worship Him despite what it seems to be costing you. Before you open the door to your classroom just present your requests to Him, rest in His peace and say, “Unless You build the house, its builders labor in vain (Ps. 127). Jesus, I love You. This is for You, Love.” I am thanking Him for having already answered you. Remember that He is a God who calls us His dearly loved children (Eph. 5), who delivers us from our fears (Ps. 34) and who created the Earth and the land (Jonah). So go be a testimony to the joy and hope that Jesus gives despite the weight of the world. I love you and I am praying for you. Your Love has got you. And He is so pleased with you and wants you to know that. :)"

Later that evening I received a second message from her:

"One of the things that God has taught me in the past couple of years is that whenever I am struggling in one way or another or in a place of attack or sin, that I am just one small stone of a temple and that what I am undergoing is for the building up of the whole body, not just my own sanctification. Most of the time, what God allows me to experience is for the purpose of intercession. I may not know who it is that I am praying for, but I am reminded that I have a brother or sister somewhere who needs prayer for the same thing I am dealing with and so I pray for them instead of for myself. There is someone God wants you to be praying for while you are experiencing this discouragement. Someone is experiencing the same things."

Did I not tell you that God is good? I love my sister! I hope you don't mind that I posted this, Carolyn. I think others will be blessed by your words.

Tonight I am tired and I have a lot ahead of me this week. Please pray that I will rest in the Lord and rely on Him for strength. :)



Austin Cox said...

i'm sorry things have been so hard for you sweetie. You work so hard for those kids, and I am very proud of you! I hope your day is going well, and I can't wait to see you tonight. I love you!