Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Field Trip Day

45 kids on a bus.

Three buses.

1/3 of the 8th grade.

21 miles of laughter and excitement.

Houston Museum of Fine Arts.

Houston Holocaust Museum.

One hour "early" arriving at the Museum of Fine Arts. Actually, we arrived on time. Field Trip planner booked the wrong time.

62 teenagers sitting on the steps, trying to keep quiet.

Six teachers desperately trying to sort the situation out.

45 minutes of "self-guided tour" at the Museum of Fine Arts.

10 students to follow me around.

One docent to give us the real tour.

60 minutes of art-explanation.

10 amazingly well-behaved students incredibly interested in the art.

45 students back on the bus.

15 minutes for lunch.

One stolen bag of Goldfish.

One unhappy 14-year-old.

One trash bag.

45 students' trash in the trash bag.

One smelly bus.

45 students off the bus at the Holocaust Museum.

21 students in my group for the tour.

2 teachers monitoring.

23 stones placed in the garden in memory of loved ones.

90 minutes of Holocaust tour.

One docent trying to keep students involved.

One boxcar used to transport Jews.

42-degree weather.

21 cold students.

23 aching backs.

46 aching feet.

45 students back on the bus.

Three buses.

21 miles of laughter and yawns.

7 "we should have gone to..." suggestions.

19 suggestions for next year's field trip.

Thousands of droplets of water hitting the windshield.

135 8th graders back at school.

49 minutes of 7th period.

One exhausting day.


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