Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Awesome Things

About an hour ago or so I woke up from a nap. I had some crazy dreams, let me tell you. They contained dragons and some weird spell, and Austin was there with his truck. I think we were about to drive across the country with my grandpa. My mind is so strange.

Today I cooked lunch for Austin. It was so fun! I made homemade chicken pot pie and brownies for dessert. Well, I cheated with the brownies. That was all Betty Crocker. It was funny because Austin had never really made anything out of a box before, except for Ricearoni, so I taught him how. I pretended I was teaching a class of middle school students, but I don't think he really appreciated it. ;-) He also taught me that Folger's coffee is actually very good, and it costs about a million dollars less than regular coffee. I was very skeptical to try the Folger's, but Austin insisted that it was great. I bought some Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer to help me feel better about it, but I should have trusted him. Folger's is great, and the creamer made it that much better. (Austin begs to differ. He says it steals the coffee's soul.)

I made a 95 on my research paper. Sorry, I don't mean to brag, but I had never written one before, so I am dang proud of that.

I also made a 97 on my thematic lesson plan. It was the first lesson plan I'd ever written. I'm proud of that, too.

I hope you don't feel bad about yourself after I tell you that I get 11 days off for Thanksgiving. After Wednesday, it's no more school until November 26th for me! I don't have class on Thursdays and Fridays, and all my teachers canceled classes for next week... so... :-)

Tonight, I get to go to Breakaway for the first time in about 12 years. Well, maybe a few months would be a more accurate estimation, but it sure seems like 12 years. I'm so excited. It's outside at Olsen Field. Whoop.

So, I have been compliling a list of amazing things in my head. It contains things that I love, things that are just generally awesome, and that sort of thing. Here is my list (a few things, anyways):

1. Old Navy clothes. Where else can you buy shirts for like $5? I love their sales. I am going to buy the majority of my winter clothes from there, I think. I went there yesterday and bought a few items, but I will have to get Carolyn to inspect them for cool-ness. She is my fashion expert. I'm just so tiny that things have a tendancy to either swallow me or just hang in a really awkward way on my body. Another reason I love Old Navy - their jeans fit me.

2. Nail buffer blocks. They keep your nails looking great, like you just had a manicure (paint clear polish over them after using the block). They also help your nails to grow faster. I swear by them - that's what finally helped me to stop biting my nails.

3. Betty Crocker Chocolate Chunk Brownies. They are the best boxed brownies I've found.

4. Leaf blowers. I don't actually have one, but if I did, it would be on this list. I was sweeping my sidewalk today and thought about how awesome and fun a leaf blower would be. It's going on my Christmas wish list.

5. Brocato hair products. I swear by these. I use the Saturate shampoo and conditioner, as well as the Curlkarma curl energizer (don't make fun of me) and the Holdon hair gel. Vavoom! "Hold My Body" (yeah, I know) forming gel also works great. If you have curly hair, you should definitely try these.

6. Neutrogena Concentrated Hand Cream. I don't normally use hand cream, but in the winter my hands do tend to get dry. It's my favorite chapped hand remedy. I can't remember if they sell it in this country... I'm pretty sure they do. I discovered it in England, though.

7. Q-tips. They are indespensible.

8. Clinique Mascara and Cream Eyeliner. The mascara costs a few bucks more than the stuff you can buy at the grocery store, but it is so much better and lasts forever. It's a much better deal. I also love the Cream Eyeliner. It comes in a little pot and has a tiny brush to put it on. I love it. It has lasted me for almost a year now, and I am no where near close to using it all up.

9. Ross King's music. Amazing. I bought two CDs at the concert - I highly recommend his most recent album, "Perhaps I've Said Too Much." It's very thought-provoking. Austin and I are now huge fans.

10. Fazoli's small spaghetti with meat sauce. Dinner for $3.56. You can't go wrong. Plus they give you a ton of pasta. And free bread sticks.

Well, my sister is heading over now, so I should be on my way. We're getting dinner together.

Today has been a wonderful day. I hope you have all enjoyed it, too!