Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Break

So far, this break has been awesome. It's been super busy, but so much fun. Austin came home with me for about five days which was great! He bought a drum set and is going to be taking some lessons over the break. Apparently he played for 3 hours yesterday and he hasn't taken any lessons yet! :) Austin left on Tuesday morning and I miss him terribly already. I have been spoiled because I've seen him almost every day since I met him! We joke about "making it" through this "rough patch" and how we'll handle our "long distance relationship". Haha! But seriously, I can't wait to see him after the break!

We move into our new house tomorrow. It feel so weird - my parents bought the land when I was 7 and we're just now moving into the house we've waited 14 years to build! The house is great - it feels cozy and new. It's sad that Carolyn and I won't get to live there! ha.

I don't have a whole lot of news except that Christmas is coming fast and I'm not ready. I still need to buy for my dad, Carolyn, Claire, Austin and Ed.

I'm not very good at shopping, by the way.


Oh well, it's time for dinner!


Ashley said...

Happy Christmas! I miss you, but I'm so glad y'all are finally getting moved into your new house. It's so exciting! I miss you a lot, and I can't wait to see you! Amber can't wait to meet her Aunt Katie. :)