Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Pace of My Life Has Slowed Wayyy Down

Sometimes I walk into my kitchen and it smells like dirt. I keep wondering why this is and what is causing it. It's not a bad smell, but it's not like I walk into the kitchen and think, "Gosh, I just love the smell of top soil at this time of day!" I'm sure all you horticulture and agriculture majors out there think otherwise. I just would rather smell cookies than dirt.

I have switched to writing this post on Microsoft Word since my internet is having issues. I’m at Coffee Station and my internet NEVER works here. I end up trying for about an hour to get it to connect to the internet, but for some reason my computer hates the internet here. Writing a blog on Microsoft Word is nowhere near as fun as writing it on I feel more like I writing a paper, and I’m paranoid because I don’t have a heading or a title right now.

As the title of my post indicates, the pace of my life has completely changed. I now no longer study for ridiculous hours at a time and worry about how much sleep I’ll get at night. Instead, I can wake up when I want and do whatever I want during the day. All I have left is one final that I can’t even study for. I love being able to relax, but right now I would actually prefer to be busy. Everyone around me has their nose stuck in a textbook or laptop of some sort, and here I am, typing away on my computer and eating Wild Berry and Watermelon & Punch Nerds. I love Nerds. Austin and I went to the movies with some friends last night, and he bought me some candy but I didn’t finish it. So I’m sneaking it right now because “outside food and drink” is not allowed at Coffee Station. Hopefully they’ll be okay with it because I plan on getting a slice of old-fashioned pound cake later on.

Pound cake reminds me of my dad. My mom used to make it for his birthday every year since it was his favorite dessert. She would follow my dad’s grandma’s recipe, but it never turned out quite like hers. Maybe one day I can try to make it and see how the results are. Perhaps I have the magic touch, although most likely I don’t. My dad doesn’t eat sugar really. I think that’s why he likes pound cake – it is not sugary sweet and normally doesn’t have icing. I definitely did not inherit my sweet tooth from him.

Wow, my lap is burning up. I wish my laptop didn’t get so warm. Sometimes I am paranoid that this machine is zapping me with radioactivity and that I am slowly losing my ability to have children. Occasionally I will pick it up so that I don’t feel so conscious about it. I just put my purse underneath my laptop, but I am starting to feel the heat penetrating through. Almost every time I type “underneath” I end up typing “undernearth”. I have no idea why, but it happens about 80% of the time.

Apparently, I am quite honest in my blog. Maybe it just brings out the truth in me. Ali was surprised that I admitted not like Jack Johnson. Well, I recently discovered that I don’t really like Norah Jones, either. I bought her CD and everything, too. However, I have noticed that I always fast forward JJ and NJ’s songs on my iPod or on Pandora every time they come on. It’s relaxing, sure. But I think it goes beyond relaxing to just plain boring in my opinion. And while I’m on the topic of music that I don’t like right now, I should add that The Fray are not my favorites either. I think it’s his voice. I definitely don’t mind listening to them as much as Norah or Jack, but it isn’t really a thumbs up sorta thing for me.

Am I the sort of person who could wear Toms shoes? I think they’re cute and different. Definitely the sort of thing that trendy Christians wear. But could I do it? There is a girl sitting near me with white Toms on that have been splattered with different colors of paint. They look fun. They’re for a good cause, too.

I think that my boyfriend is the most handsome guy I’ve ever met. I tell him this, and he just laughs. But it really is true. He’s sitting near me and is just so handsome. He’s definitely the best looking guy in Coffee Station right now. I just looked at every other guy in here (not in a weird way, I promise), and he is certainly way better looking. He could be a model.

Haha, that last sentence reminds me of a quote from The Office.
Dwight: I like Karen. She’s pretty and appears intelligent.
Jim: Well, I like pretty women who have the appearance of intelligence.
Dwight: My girlfriend is also beautiful and smart. She could be a model. Or a college professor.

Well whaddya know?? I restarted my laptop and plugged it in and now the internet is working. Fantastic. I’m gonna go post this now before something happens.

Peace out, friends!