Monday, September 07, 2009

Every Weekend Should Be Three Days Long!

Yahoo Labor Day!

I have enjoyed it immensely. I went with Austin, his parents, and his sister and brother-in-law to the Farm for the weekend. It was great to relax and enjoy sleeping and hanging out. I probably ate too much food but it was wonderful to have time away.

Some exciting news: Kristin, Austin's sister, is going to have a baby and she just found out the gender of the baby on Thursday! She's going to have a girl! I'm excited because girls are all I know. It's going to be great being an aunt. Austin and I say that it's a practice run before we have our own children. ;-)

So I've taught for two weeks already. It's flying by! My kids are pretty great for the most part. I have four amazing periods and two periods that are on the challenging side. I just reorganized the seating charts so hopefully things will be better from now on! The only bad thing right now is that this weekend I started feeling a little under the weather. I'm achey and have a really stuffed up nose. I've been using my sinus rinse since I started feeling bad and taking Airborne like nobody's business, so hopefully I can kick it in the butt soon. I hate feeling sick!

Oh, one more thing to make the sick thing worse - Austin and I got home this evening and discovered that our water doesn't work. We asked our neighbors if they were having the same problem and they said they didn't have water either. Fun, fun. If we don't have water in the morning I will NOT be a happy camper.

Right now, we can't even flush the toilet.

Or wash our hands.


Well, I need to go finish getting ready for this week. I'm going to bed early tonight!