Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Night Break

I guess it's been a pretty eventful week. I've been crazy busy and barely had any time for rest.

Friday was going to be a wonderfully relaxing day where I barely had to use any energy, but that changed once I found out that I had a flat tire after arriving at school. It was flat flat. I spent the day trying to figure out exactly how I was going to get home since Austin had five appointments that day. I thought I would be able to get someone to come change it while I was teaching, but apparently no one does that. Austin ended up being able to come with one of his colleagues after school to change the tire. Unfortunately, that meant that I left school at seven pm. On a Friday.

I've been pretty lucky though, with cars. I've never been pulled over, gotten a ticket of any sort, been in a wreck, or had any sort of emergency happen while driving. I should count myself blessed!

Saturday made up for the fact that Friday was pretty exhausting. Austin and I had breakfast at Buffalo Grille (yum) and then spent the morning browsing around Cactus Records. Austin is pretty retro - we have a record player in our living room. No CD player, radio or iPod player.... just a record player. I would say that most of our "entertainment" money is spent on music and movies. We love going to Half Price Books or pawn shops and looking for records or CDs. Austin normally buys records, and I buy CDs. Austin suggested that we go to Cactus Records to look for a "modern" record for me. I don't get excited about classic rock, so the only kind of stuff I listen to on record is either Frank Sinatra or musical soundtracks.

Cactus Records has a lot of new artists' music on record. However, the only things that I found that I liked were some Coldplay albums that I already had on CD and then a giant compilation of John Mayer live performances. That's what I really wanted - it had 4 records full of my favorite John Mayer songs. But the collection was $41 so we decided against it.

Instead, I left the store with Mat Kearney's new CD. I found it used for half the price that you'd normally find it! :-)

We spent the rest of the day at the Galleria, drinking the tea samples from Teavana and trying to find Austin some new jeans. No other guy on the planet seems to be his size - tall and skinny. Apparently if you're tall, you're fat, and if you're skinny, you're short. You can't be both according to Macy's.

Today I've been working on school stuff all afternoon. It never stops! I should probably keep going since I'd like to be in bed in an hour.

Goodnight friends!