Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Little Nasties in the Garage


I am terrified of my garage.

Before we moved in, the A/C was turned off, so everything was hot and humid outside and inside our home. Every time we would visit the house to bring a load of boxes over, I would see dead cockroaches in various corners. Thank goodness they were dead. I always made Austin pick them up with the fly swatter and dump them in the trash. Who cares if they're dead? I want them out of sight!

I went out and bought some roach killer (you know, those horrid-looking round black things that you place strategically throughout your house). I placed them all around our house - most of them are not in dark corners, as the package suggests, but near doors and windows. Wherever I have seen those gross things.

Now that the air is working again and we have moved in, I have seen a few more cockroaches in our house. One appeared (dead) in the living room, and the others have been in the garage. There is no A/C in the garage, so of course the cockroaches love it.

I am petrified.

Every time I have to go out to my car, I scan the floor for roaches before stepping out of the laundry room. And I never, ever try to get in my car unless the garage door is open. Heck no.

As we speak, there is a roach lying on his back by the passenger door of my car, squirming and trying to turn himself over. I'm not sure if he ate the roach poison or not. But for good measure, I grabbed the can of Raid (it's not even roach killer Raid, it's the kind for flies and wasps) and sprayed him good.

He squirmed some more.

Can't roaches hold their breath for a long time? I'm probably spraying in vain. Someone told me the only way that roaches die is when their heads get cut off, and then they only die due to starvation.

In Wall-E, the roach lived when everyone else died. He was cute, though. Not like the roaches here.

They are really gross looking.

Well, I am trying to eat now, and all this talking about roaches doesn't help.

See ya.


Ashley said...

gotta love these homeownership moments! i had mice when i first bought my house... GROSS!

ok, so for real, i'm so excited to hang out with my other whole sometime soon! :)