Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Night to Myself

I think I may be the only person in College Station who can’t wait to start classes this semester. I think most of that is due to the fact that I haven’t really started classes yet. I guess I technically started tonight, but what was supposed to be a three hour long class only lasted for 30 minutes. And I didn’t even get to experience that much of the actual class, due to the fact that Austin had left his backpack at my house and needed to meet with a group for a project. Therefore, I had to run to give him my house key so he could get it, and I got back to the classroom 10 minutes after the class had started. I didn’t mind, and since I found $13 on the ground on my way back, it made the whole situation even better.

Tomorrow I get to wake up at 6, and have four 1 ¼ hour long classes with the exact same people until 5:10. I’m so excited! I love the people I have class with. We goof off and probably act more immature than the middle-school children we will be teaching in a year or so. We especially like to color and giggle at stupid stuff. Occasionally, we have experiments involving colored candies, and we will sort them into piles according to their color and then eat them depending on which ones are our favorite. Being an education major is a lot of fun. I won’t lie.

On Friday, our three-day weekend starts. Technically, it’ll be a four-day weekend (maybe even five) for me. I don’t have classes on Monday or Friday, and since I haven’t been placed in a school yet, I shouldn’t have anything on Tuesday either. A bunch of people are going to go out to Austin’s farm again. I’m really excited. It’s supposed to get really cold on Saturday night – down to 26! – and so that means we can make a big bonfire and roast yummy vanilla marshmallows from Williams-Sonoma. Sorry, but Austin’s mom sent me some yesterday, and I can’t wait to eat them!

Hugh Grant is so funny. I am watching Notting Hill, and he makes me laugh! It would be a lot better, however, if I had someone here to watch the movie with me. I’ve been rather bored the past few days. And poor Austin has a horrible schedule, so it’s hard to see him during the day.

Even though I already ate dinner, I feel like making pancakes. I’m very alone tonight. I don’t mind so much, but it would be nice to have someone to hang out with. Sadly, though, it’s already 8 o’ clock and I have to wake up early, so I wouldn’t even be able to hang out for very long.

I think that now I’m going to put my laptop down and watch the movie. Maybe make some hot apple cider or peppermint hot chocolate.

Wish you were here!



Parisian Wannabe said...

Hey Katie!
Notting Hill is my favouritest movie ever - great choice! haha
When you say it's going to be 26 degrees on Saturday, do you mean celcius or fahrenheit?
I hope you are having a great day (if you're up yet!) and classes go well - they sound like a lot of fun!!
Helen x