Monday, January 28, 2008

No More Parenting Magazines!

Apparently, my fans are getting upset because I "don't blog anymore". Let me clear this up: I do blog. Just not as often. And it's not because I don't want to, it's simply because I haven't had much time. And sometimes I just don't feel like writing. I am aware, however, that it has been about two weeks since my last blog, which is horrifying. I will strive to achieve higher standards with this blog.

Today I had my last day babysitting for my pastor. I have been babysitting his three precious children on a regular basis, but our schedules clash this semester, so I won't be able to continue babysitting for them. I am sad, but I can't do anything to help it. They are at the cutest ages, too: 5, 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 months. Adorable! The youngest started laughing today because I discovered that she is very ticklish on her tummy. She has the cutest toothless smile! I bet that even someone who is repulsed by children would fall in love with her.

The children were very good today, and I ended up staying until 3:00. This is significant because it means that I had to put them down for a nap. Now I have put Ella down before - she loves her sleep and goes to bed willingly. Aiden, on the other hand, normally waits for his dad to put him to sleep. Since neither of his parents were home today, I had to make sure he went down for his nap. Well, that part went okay, but it was the staying down that was the problem. He got up four times in an hour and a half to go to the potty, and to let me know that he was hungry and couldn't fall asleep. It was funny being on the "adult" end of the situation this time. I vividly remember being the child who couldn't go to sleep. I didn't know exactly what to say to Aiden, and I tried to rack my brain for the words my parents told me. I couldn't remember what they would say when I couldn't sleep. I came up with this response: "Sometimes you just have to lay there for a while."

Lame, I know.

He never went to sleep, because his mom came home.

So yes, my days of reading parenting magazines are over. It's an inside joke Austin and I have... it's true, though - I do read them when I babysit. I am learning how to translate different baby cries. I kid you not. When a baby cries and sticks their fingers in their mouth, it means they are hungry. When they cry with loud shrieks and sound almost like they are coughing or gasping for air, they probably need to be put down for a nap.

Not only will I no longer read parenting magazines, but I will not be asking kids what they want for lunch.

"I'll give you three choices: you can have chicken nuggets, pasta or a hot dog."

Instead of spending my time with young, well-behaved children, I will be spending 16 hours each week in a 7th-grade science classroom with hormonal, pubescent teenagers.

Fun times.

I am also slightly worried because my mentor teacher does not know who I am. I emailed her and she didn't know that I was coming. I was under the impression that all the mentor teachers were expecting the methods students. Well, I am going to show up before 8:00 am tomorrow whether they want me there or not.

I am excited about my methods placement. I was reluctant at first to pref 7th or 8th grade, since I have been observing 5th grade students and liked it a lot. But I need the experience. I got 7th grade, which makes me excited because my sister Christina is in 7th grade. I bet she will be learning the same stuff at the same time. I will call home and we can discuss decomposition or acid-base reactions... whatever it is they learn these days.

Oh yeah, and it's interesting that I got science because I don't remember putting that down on my pref sheet. I distinctly remember writing "math" because that's what I want to do. Or, rather, wanted to do. It's funny because God has been changing my heart. Slowly, He is opening doors and causing me to consider teaching science. When I think about it, it makes sense: I love science. I had the best chemistry teacher in England (it's true, she won an award). I have a picture of myself when I was younger trying to perform some sort of science experiment. Maybe I will be a science teacher. You never know.

And that's what excites me: I don't have a darn clue what I am doing in the future. I don't know where I will student teach. I don't know where I'll be over the summer. I don't know what will happen after I graduate. But I don't mind, really. My hands are open to the Lord and I surrender myself and my life to Him. I want Him to use me in any ways that He wants!

This weekend will be fun. Me, Carolyn, Nana and Austin are going to Denton to watch Kellie perform in "High School Musical". She is going to play Sharpay, and annoying, bossy brat from the musical. Kellie is very talented, and I'm really excited about seeing her in it!

I just saw pictures of Ashley's new haircut. I wish my hair did stuff like that! It's adorable. I miss that girl so much. :-(

I must leave you all now because Carolyn needs to be picked up from class. What day of babysitting would be complete without a soccer-mom-esque-pick-the-kids-up-from-school run???

Enjoy this week. It's warming up!



Ashley said...

i miss YOU so much!!! and thank you for the sweet compliment. i wish i could come up there more often but, alas, i haven't got a car anymore. fun times! however, i think i will hitchhike there if i need a katie fix. :) and how fun is that about high school musical!! if you can, take pictures. that sounds like so much fun! oh, where is your methods placement?? good luck! love you much.