Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Few Things

Still sick. I woke up determined to go to observation today. I got up at 6, took a shower, got dressed, did my make up, and felt awful. I knew I would need to go to the doctor, but if I went to observation, I wouldn't have an opportunity to do so. I have class at 6 tonight.

So I called in sick.

Made a doctor's appointment.

Got into pajamas.

And fell asleep again for a few hours with wet hair.

(Not advised.)

Now it's almost time for my appointment. I tried to eat some lunch, but my appetite is really messed up. My stomach knows it's hungry, but my mouth doesn't want to eat anything. I wish I had an IV.

I also wish that doctors still came to your house, with a pocket watch and a black bag. You could just lay in bed, and the doctor would come and see you. Except that in the days when doctors did that, they would also do things such as drain your blood, stick leeches on you, stick cold rags on you and turn to your family members and tell them, "I'm afraid I've done all I can do. Now we must wait."

So yeah... maybe I'm glad doctors know more now. I got a leech on my foot once (from playing in a creek) and it was a scarring experience. No more leeches for me.

I am thankful to have so many friends call me or send me messages saying "get well"!! Carolyn brought me some soup yesterday which was really sweet. I have been eating it all since she brough it. Thank you, Carolyn! And last night, Austin surprised me by showing up at my door. He actually scared my roommate who was on her way out. I didn't think Austin had time to see me, but he came over anyways, and brough me a bunch of flowers. They look like purple daisies, but they probably have a different name. He got a little card thing too to put with it. He said they had "Get Well Soon" cards but he found one that said "For My Teacher" and thought it was way funnier. So I have a teacher card attached to my flowers. :)

Another thing that is making me feel much better is my Rooibos tea that I bought the other day. It reminds me of England. I first had it when I was babysitting for some little British children down the street - their house was freezing, so naturally I made myself some tea to keep warm. The only kind they had was called "African Redbush Tea", which I later found out is the same as "Rooibos". I made myself a cup, and loved it - it's great for you, similar to green tea and full of antioxidants. It's also naturally caffeine free. It became my babysitting ritual whenever I would look after those kids. I would put them to sleep, go downstairs and make myself a cup of redbush tea. The cup I'm drinking now is the first cup I've had in a long time. It brings back memories. My mom is in love with the stuff, too. I highly recommend it for all you tea lovers out there.

Well, Carolyn is coming to pick me up in five minutes so I should put some shoes on and get a bag ready.

More later,


nphase said...

I didn't know you blog! Cool, now i have something to catch up with.