Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sick Day

I am convinced that I was meant to live in Jane Austen's time. I absolutely adore period films like Pride and Prejudice (the 6 hour BBC one is way more accurate), Sense and Sensibility, Emma, Wives and Daughters (not Jane Austen), etc. I have been watching Sense and Sensibility today since I am sick. It is terribly romantic and beautiful. In my freshman and sophomore years of high school, my class studied Pride & Prejudice. I fell in love with the book, and I got to visit many of the places where the movie was filmed. Actually, the new Pride & Prejudice was filmed at my favorite house in England: Chatsworth. We used to go there almost every year when we lived there.

Gorgeous, no?

The one good thing about period films is that there is generally no cussing and no raunchy parts. I also love the language they use - it is so proper and elegant! I love their clothes and hair. I think I could definitely live back then. Although, I would probably be really poor. And since I have no brothers, some random cousin or someone would inherit my house. Yeah, I'd be poor. I always relate my family to the Bennett family - they had five girls, too. But this means that I would be Jane. I don't really like Jane that much. She was supposed to be the prettiest, which is good I guess, but I don't like her personality.

As I said earlier, I am sick. I'm pretty sure that I have a sinus infection, since I have had about five million in my life, and am pretty used to them. However, the doctor didn't give me anything that is actually helping. He gave me some decongestant, which also happens to be a stimulant. This isn't so great since it is keeping me from sleeping well. Yesterday was no good - I felt absolutely awful all day long. Austin came by last night and brought me some chicken soup. He is so sweet! Poor guy, it's his busy week this week. He has a bunch of interviews and informationals, as well as two tests. I know he must be worn out. Anyways, I am feeling a little better today. I can actually sit up and my fever is going away. I had about 100-101 for the whole of yesterday. Now it's down to 99.2. It's been hovering about 99-99.5 for the past few hours. The medicine the doctor gave me isn't working that well. I need antibiotics. Oh well... hopefully tomorrow I'll feel well enough to go to observation. I am missing a day today, but it's better than getting the children sick and feeling miserable all day. It just sucks because I'll have to make up a day of observation on a Friday or Monday. :-/

Enough about being sick!

So... Spring Break is coming up. Carolyn and I will be home for the week, and Austin is going on "Man Trip", where he will drive around Texas with his buddies and camp, hike etc. Austin wants to take me to the rodeo later in the week, but I'm not sure how that'll work out since I don't have my own car. It would be so much fun, though! I hope it works out. Spring Break will be awesome. I can't wait to have a week to relax and recover from this busy semester. It is wearing me out!

Well, I need to go lay down now. I am tired and achey.

I hope you guys are having a great week!