Sunday, February 10, 2008

Where You Should Put Your Trash

I don't appreciate the fact that I have seen some large cockroaches scurrying across the ground. AT NIGHT. That just freaks me out! I don't really care too much if I see one in broad daylight, since I can see it from a distance and avoid it at all costs. However, in the dark, it's hard to spot those little guys. Sometimes the moon shines just enough to see one run right in front of you, really fast. I saw one tonight as I was walking to my car after church, and all I could think about was how much I wanted to get both of my feet OFF the ground, pronto. I made it to my car and shuddered. This is probably the only bad thing about the Spring time.

Speaking of Spring time - I think it could be here! Or here for a little bit, at least. It has been absolutely gorgeous outside recently. I wore a SKIRT yesterday for the first time in a while, and flip-flops have been my shoe of choice over the past few days. Soon, I will be having picnics in Academic plaza for lunch. I should suggest this to my methods section. They have been frequenting the Chicken for lunches recently, probably because of the beer (they like to fill up before our second set of classes), so maybe they won't be so keen on the idea. However, I bet Lauren and Ali would have a picnic with me! :)

Whoop, I just put some links in my post! I am so technological haha!

I tend to think of Glad ForceFlex garbage bags as completely indestructible. Does anyone else have this mindset? My roommate and I actually buy them, partly because they seem fun and cool - the yuppie thing to do with your trash - and partly because they are actually pretty strong. Maybe it's the commercials, but I have this notion that if you put a knife pointy-side down in the bag, it will simply bounce back into the bulk of the bag. Nothing's gonna break that sucker. I know it's going to break eventually, because it's made of thin plastic, but I still can't shake the surface belief that nothing can harm the physical being of a Glad ForceFlex garbage bag. It's the Superman of garbage bags. I really do believe that.

Well, I'm tired and I need to relax. See you guys on the flip side.



Anonymous said...

I love Glad force flex bags! I even use the odor fighting ones! They are scented and cost a few cents more, but are SO worth the cash!

Anonymous said...

Oh and yes, I would love to picnic with you!