Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Middle of a Great Week

Austin left my house earlier today after staying for almost an entire week. We had so much fun! I am very sad because that is the last real time we will get to hang out for about a month or so. I will see him on Saturday for Macie and Korey's wedding, but after that I probably won't see him until July or so.

We enjoyed spending time here in the Denton area. One of my favorite days was Monday, when we went over to a local nursing home to hang out with some of the residents there. Austin loves old people and we both enjoy talking to them and visiting with them. When we got there, we talked to the receptionist, who directed us to the activities director. Turns out that one of their volunteers called in sick that morning and so we were assigned to do the crossword puzzle with some of the residents. We had a big crossword board that we could write on with a dry erase marker, and a very used book of puzzles. We would call out the clue (very loudly, since most of the ladies could not hear very well) and then the ladies would shout out their guesses. I almost burst out laughing on more than one occasion since our conversations went a lot like this:

Austin: Ok, the clue is "steep, craggy hill".

Me: It's three letters.

Lady #1: A mountain?

Me: No, it's three letters.


Lady #2: A cliff?

Austin: No, not quite.

Lady #1: A mountain?


Austin: Why don't we leave this one and come back to it later.

(Later on)

Austin: So the answer is "Tor".

Me: I've never even heard of that word before!

Lady #1: I have! You've never heard that? Like, "I tore my dress?" or "I tore my shoe?"

Me: No, it's "Tor", spelled "T-O-R". It's like a mountain.

Lady #1: You're looking for the word "Climb"!!! You CLIMB a mountain, you don't tear it!

Austin and I just stood there, trying to keep from laughing...

After the crossword puzzle, Austin played the piano and sang after Lady #1 said, "Wouldn't it be great if we had a guitar or a fiddle...?" Haha. Austin serenaded the ladies with one of the only piano songs he knows (a song one of his friends wrote after breaking up with his girlfriend) and then we sat around and talked to a few of them in the lounge before we left. It was a great afternoon.

I also got the opportunity to show Austin the house that I was born in. It looks sad now and I'm pretty sure that some college kids live in it.

Today we had a picnic at the park down the street with my mom. It was fun drinking our hot tea outside and eating our sandwiches in the beautiful outdoors. Austin left this afternoon and so I've been hanging out at home since then, doing a little laundry and watching American Idol with my mom. David Cook just won. I'm happy for him, although I haven't been an avid AI watcher this season.

This evening my mom pulled out a bunch of old photographs she had found and we looked at them on the couch. I found a few that I particularly liked and scanned them.

Here's my parents before they were married. Just look at those snazzy dressers!

This is me in our backyard when I was pretty darn young. I am holding a home-grown tomato. My head is incredibly large.

This is me and Anna at my very first ballet recital. I was 5. We danced to "Do Re Mi" and that yodelling song about goats from The Sound of Music

Here's a picture of some corps guys with Reveille. I think it's funny because this picture was taken in 1974. They still look EXACTLY the same! And the guy in front (the senior) is an RV. I thought that was cool.

This is my mom when she was 21. Doesn't she look like us girls?

Here's Nana! Just as glamorous as ever! I'm not sure when this was taken, but I'm assuming it was in the 70s.

There were so many more pictures, but those were just a couple that I scanned. I hope you enjoyed them! I think I'm gonna go finish my laundry and clean my room. I'll write again soon, hopefully.