Thursday, May 22, 2008

Truffles and Tea

I just spent the last five or so minutes looking for the chocolate candies my mom bought today. She likes to hide sugar products in our house so that no one can find them. I am absolutely craving chocolate right now, and I cannot find it anywhere. I used to be pretty good at finding the treats in the house, but I guess my skills have left me.

There is an air conditioning vent that blows on the exact spot on the couch that I always sit at. I think my dad might have planned it that way. I have to grab a blanket and cover up my feet so I don't freeze to death.

Oh! Christina just yelled to me from the kitchen and said that she found the truffles. Sweet. (Literally!)

In case you didn't know, I'm going to be 22 in just five days. I feel kind of old.

I just made myself a hot cup of tea. One of the most fun things about Austin's visit here was that we had about three or four cups of tea every day. Austin used to hate tea, but now he loves it. We went to the store and he bought some different kinds of tea, including a sampler with four different kinds in it. We even started a list of new kinds of tea that we wanted to try. It was so much fun to eat breakfast in the morning and drink tea sitting out on the deck. The thing I love about tea is that you can make a cup of it very easily (it's just hot water and a tea bag) and it's so cheap. PLUS, it doesn't make your stomach hurt! I love coffee, but it's so hard for me to drink sometimes because it makes my stomach hurt a lot. Tea is very good for you and it makes me feel great.

Time to go enjoy my tea.