Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Being Smart

Because of Ali, I have now become addicted to playing Text Twist with my youngest sister Christina. I played it by myself for a while at first, which was fun, but playing with Christina is much more fun because she is so good at it. She can unscramble those letters and come up with words that I would never think of. It impresses me that my thirteen-year-old sister is so smart. She knows way more than I do as far as language arts stuff goes.

I am constantly impressed by how smart and clever my sisters are. As an oldest child, it's easy to think that you are the smartest. It was that way in my family for quite some time, but now that I am in college and my youngest sisters are older, things have changed. I may be smart, but the stuff that I know is related to math and science education.

Carolyn knows a lot as far as biology, physical health and nursing is concerned. She also knows a lot about the Bible and can recite verses very well (I have always had a hard time memorizing verses, especially their addresses). When it comes to a lot of scientific facts, Carolyn probably knows more than me.

Kellie is extremely artistic and knows a lot about photography. Quick plug: she is one of the best artists that I know. The link attached to her name will take you to her online gallery. She takes a lot of senior pictures right now, as well as pictures for fun. She just got a new lense today, too, so be looking for new pictures she took using it (it's amazing!!!).

Claire is sensitive and knows so much about poetry, arts and crafts. She also gave me a quick terminology about horseriding tonight. I had no idea that she knew all that stuff! I was impressed and sat next to her thinking, "Is this really my little baby sister??" I guess being 15 doesn't make you a baby anymore.

Chrissie is the baby and makes almost straight As. (Her one B is in science! Go figure.) I think this is astounding considering the fact that she was diagnosed with severe dyslexia when she was younger. She is great with words and will correct you on any spelling or grammatical error you make. She also has a quick wit and can throw around some real one-liners.

Austin always makes fun of me because I am constantly impressed by what my sisters can do. He tells me that I will be "one of those moms" who frames her child's first "A", or cries over a scribble on a paper, or takes a picture of a block tower. And he's right. I probably will. Sometimes I will tell him stories or show him pictures of what other young children have done, and he just laughs and says, "Isn't that normal for that age?" Haha! I think he was just a super talented child. He can do anything well, in my opinion.

Speaking of Austin, I should probably go call him. He's in a small house all by himself, and will be until the end of the month. I would go crazy, but he can deal with it. I have to be with people or I will go insane, but I think he does better with alone time. I spend my days feeling sorry for him - as if someone put him there for punishment or something. I have to keep telling myself that he chose to be there and do this.

If you don't know what I'm talking about - basically, Austin decided to live in the small house in Leona that his family owns. He is doing missional work there for the month of June and helping out with churches in Leona and Madisonville. I think he will be doing VBS stuff next week. leading worship and helping out with the youth. He has also been talking to random people and meeting them in their homes. Oh, and he's been playing the drums a lot, reading and going on walks and bike rides. :)

That's a little summary. Just to keep you informed. You can be praying for him!!

Ok, time to call and then to go to sleep.


Ashley said...

You and your sisters are AMAZING! It sounds like each of you has something interesting and different to bring to the table. Sometimes I wish I had brothers and sisters to learn from and grow with. Actually, you are like my "long lost sister"... I hope that's ok with you! :)

I hope you're having a wonderful summer. We need to meet up! If you're in Houston... give me a shout! Love, love, love.