Monday, June 02, 2008

Thought Vomit

I think I have a problem with wanting to write about a million different things all in one blog. These thoughts accumulate during the day and then I want to vomit them into one single post. Should I narrow my posts down to one specific topic? Should I make them shorter? As you can see, I have a lot of issues with blogging. Do people stop reading my posts mid-way because they are too long and boring? I kind of wonder about these things.

Whatever. I'm just gonna write this post my way, in my Katie-like style.

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed how everyone's relationship status changes over the summer?

Single to relationship.

Relationship to single.

Relationship to engaged.

Engaged to married.

Engaged to single.

The summer seems like the time when feelings either blossom or fade away. I am no exception to the "summer rule" as I am going to call it. I started dating Austin last August. What makes the summer such a strange time? I have theories. Maybe it's due to the free time you spend with a person. You either spend so much time that you fall in love with the person they are, or you are spending more time with a person and realize that the person they are isn't actually all that great. That sounds horrible, but I think you know what I mean.

Every single day, someone on Facebook changes their relationship status. Sometimes I try to make it a game and guess what the status change is. Is that wrong? I don't know. Facebook must know that the summer is a time of relationship change because I have small ads on the left hand side of my profile/updated friends pages etc. of engagement rings galore. It's actually three things that normally pop up: engagement rings (often made of "Palladium" or something like that - whatever that is), shoes, and weight loss techniques. I read a few months ago that Facebook would start having ads targeted to your individual interests based on your profile information. Apparently Facebook knows exactly what my three interests are.

My house is contaminated with spiders. I guess that comes with living in a newly-built house in the country. I kill at least one spider every day. I saw a spider today that was about four inches in diameter and would have made a horrific squishing sound if I would have killed it. But of course I wasn't that brave. I am getting braver, and I know that if it had been in my room, I could have squished it. However, the large arachnid was in the garage, so I felt semi-safe leaving it there. The spider I killed today was a tiny little thing next to the toilet. I smeared it when I used the bathroom earlier. I hope that's not too much information.

At the mall the other day I saw a poster that made me made. It was hanging in the window of a glamor shots-type place. It had two pictures: a before and after. Underneath the pictures were the words "From MOM to WOW!" and they made me mad. In essence, they were saying that all moms were dire looking and in order to be beautiful, needed to get dressed up, put on too much makeup and get their pictures taken. Obviously, "mom" and "wow" are two completely different categories. Don't you think that's sad? These are the sort of messages we are receiving without even thinking much about it. It makes me upset.

I think I am slowly coming to terms with growing up. Knowing that I will not return to A&M makes me sad, but I know that it's time for me to get out in the real world. Student teaching is going to help a lot, especially since I'm student teaching in the Dallas area instead of College Station. I discovered today that The Limited is a perfect place to buy great teacher clothes. It's cheaper than Banana Republic (my favorite) and has some cute things. However, I don't see many of these stores around anymore.

I have a lot of thoughts right now, but for some reason I don't want to write them all down. Maybe because I'm tired - I don't know. I think I'm going to end this and write in it again later.

Goodnight loves.


joe.peebles said...

Hey Katie,
I just found your blog from a comment you made on Andrew's! Your thoughts are great - I love finding blogs from people I know, when I didn't know they blogged.

I think the Mom to Wow thing is terribly sad. That's something Kathryn and I notice often if we're watching TV - both those types of messages and the way that people who give a lot of their energy to other people often get chastised for not giving more to themselves (often on makeover-type shows).

One of my favorite tricks for making blogs more cohesive is the art of the subtitle (though I would not argue with those who would call my rambling disjointed). Sort of a way to say, "Hey, I hope you're ready for something else now."

Andrew Kilzer said...

Katie, i think you should bring to this thing whatever you want to bring. Killing spiders, or buying clothes at BR. Its all fair game on a website that you manage. Do what you want.