Thursday, February 05, 2009

Can Anyone Say, "Barf?"

Today is my first day "out" on my own since Sunday. Austin and I went to watch the Superbowl at some friends' house and I ended up throwing up in their toilet about 15 times. Then I threw up twice on the way home, crying most of the time. Then I threw up all night Sunday night. Actually, I had it coming out of the other end, too... so I was throwing up in a pot while sitting on... the... pot.

Sorry, is this TMI?

I can be the queen of TMI if I'm not stopped. I really don't mind sharing very personal details with complete strangers. You can ask me about bodily functions galore or even birth control, and I will tell all. It doesn't bother me.

So anyways, I have been really sick for the past four days.

Austin said that in his entire life and college career in the corps, he has never heard anyone throw up that violently.

I guess that sometimes my stomach doesn't like me! I haven't been that sick in a REALLY long time.

Now I'm back on my feet, feeling still a little queasy, out to conquor the world.

My first battle was at the FBISD offices, trying to sort out my subbing junk. I think I'm in the clear, though! I even have a badge made. I also have a long-term subbing job lined up! I get to teach math, science and social studies to 4th graders, which should be a lot of fun!

My second battle will be grocery store shopping. I'm not going to do much, but I I need enough to live. I had to make oatmeal with water for breakfast this morning and it was nasty.

Well, friends, I must leave. I'll try to get on here soon. Panera Bread is just too cold for me right now!



Ashley said...

Even your "gross" TMI blogs put a smile on my face. :) I'm glad you're feeling better! I've been meaning to call you to see how your first month as a wife is going! I'll talk to you soon. Love!