Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Job Begins...

Today was my first day of subbing.


I took over a 7th and 8th grade Spanish classroom, which was a lot of fun actually.

Besides the fact that I don't speak any Spanish!

I was one of only two white people I saw the entire day, including teachers. It was a different world for sure, but the kids were great. The only problem I had was the fact that the kids had to do this incredibly tedious worksheet. It was very repetitive.

The kids were pretty nice for the most part, and the teachers were very friendly. I don't have any funny stories from today, but maybe I'll have one soon.

Tonight I'm on my own. Austin has spent the day in College Station doing some recruiting for his company. They also have a Meet and Greet tonight, so after I got home from subbing, I was alone. He's going to be gone until late tonight. That's why I decided to come to Panera Bread and use the internet!

Right now I feel very full. Full of food, first of all, but also full of emotions and thoughts. It's still hard for me here in Sugar Land. I knew that it would be a big change once I got married, but I didn't expect to feel this alone. I wish I had friends! I guess I should say: I wish my friends lived closer!


I just put my blog back up on Facebook. I took it off for a while during student teaching because I wanted to be cautious, but it doesn't seem to be a big deal.

Ohh! Just as I type, I got a call from the sub system. I was requested to be a sub tomorrow for middle school math. Yippee! A subject that I actually know and can do! I'm excited. Now to figure out where it is...

I'm gonna go now. I need to call a dear friend and catch up. :)



Ashley said...

one day after work, we need to meet up. katy's not too far from sugarland. i miss you! have fun subbing tomorrow! :)