Thursday, September 20, 2007


Austin said that should be the title of my blog. It has no meaning to this blog whatsoever.

I realize that it's been an entire week of me not writing. It's not that I didn't want to write; I always have thoughts swimming around in my head. I have just been so incredibly busy.

Wow, so I'm using Austin's laptop to type this and it's SO COOL! I want a laptop like this. It's got that whole flippy deal where you can turn the screen around and use it as a tablet, and you can write on the screen and stuff. Technology amazes me.

I must have a really small comfort zone, because I'm finding it hard to really write right now. I'm in Coffee Station, the best place on earth. Someone should give this place an award for being awesome. Maybe I will print out a certificate and frame it and then present it to the wonderful people of this establishment. They sure deserve it.

I realized tonight that I really need to be in a Bible study of some sort. It's really crazy how much I suffer when I'm not in community with others, learning about the God of the Universe. I really suffer. I can't be in a comgroup this semester because of scheduling issues, and I'm not in any other Bible studies. I'm the one leading a Bible study.

Sometimes I feel very... empty. I think that means that I need community. This semester is definitely very different for me spiritually. This summer I spent my time with people. I got to know people. I built relationships. I got to hang out with my sister almost every day and we had Bible studies. We would sit for hours and talk about God's Word. We would pray together frequently. Satan did not attack my time at all. I always had time. I always had peace. Life was very different. This semester is crazy. I don't know why. Maybe because the momentum is so different, and I don't have the time to hang out with people and build relationships like I did this summer. It makes me really sad, and I know that I am suffering because of it. I want the summer back.

Ashley, as well as a lot of my friends, gets her Aggie Ring tomorrow. I am so so so excited for her! It is such an exciting and fun day. I wear my ring every day with pride. I am watching it glisten and shine right now, actually. Gorgeous. I hope to go with Ashley when she gets her ring. I want to be there to take pictures and jump up and down and cry and hug... haha. My mom is also coming in tomorrow afternoon. It's kind of sad, because my parents weren't able to come for my Ring Day. I wish they could have been there. I think they came the next day, though.

I want to take my mom to Coffee Station. She has been up here about a million times since I started coming here, but not once has she been able to come to the Station. It is a shame. A crying shame. We will have to plan something fun to do on Saturday. My mom doesn't come here much. It's quite sad.

I'm sorry, none of this stuff is very interesting. I am slightly distracted and very aware of my surroundings. There's three strangers sitting with me and Austin, and I feel not... with it. I need to be in my room, alone, when I write.

Are you every just suddenly reminded of your childhood, or a past memory or something? Certain smells do that to me. For example, the smell of earthworms does that to me (among other smells). I thought I smelled that the other day, and I was reminded of being a child. After it would rain really hard, my mom would let us go play outside in the river that was running to the bottom of the cul-de-sac. Where does that word come from, anyways? I bet it's French. Anyways, we would go wading in the water, and at the bottom of the cul-de-sac there would be an accumulation of worms. We used to take buckets and put as many worms as we could find in them. They were absolutely CLUMPED together. It was gross. But we loved worms, so it didn't bother us. The smell was pretty... wormy. Smelling that smell reminds me of my childhood.

The smell of cut grass also does that to me. Whenever my dad would mow the backyard, there would be neat lines of mown grass all the way down our backyard. My sisters and I would collect it and put it in a big pile. We would either play with it, or pick it up and sprinkle it everywhere. Or throw it up in the air like confetti. That smell is still one of my favorites.

I also love the smell of maple syrup. My parents used to make whole wheat pancakes for breakfast a lot (I don't think I had normal pancakes until I was a teenager) and we would always pour maple syrup on them. Normal Aunt Jemima syrup was out of the question. It was always 100% pure maple syrup. I can taste it on my tongue right now. Mmmmm! On the odd occasion that it snowed in the wintertime, we would collect snow in cups (normally off our car hoods... gross) and then pour syrup over it and eat it in a similar fashion to a snow cone. We were weird kids. Actually, that idea came from the Little House on the Prairie books. They did that and made candy out of it. It never really worked for us, though.

I just asked Austin what other smells remind him of his childhood. He said "medicine." I immediately thought of amoxicillin when he said that. I loved that stuff! It was thick and pink, not unlike Pepto-Bismol. It tasted really good. Whenever one of my sisters was sick, we would get a bottle of that stuff and stick it in the fridge. Every time I would open the fridge, I would see it sitting there and get jealous that I couldn't have any of it. My mom should be glad that I wasn't a really bad kid. Otherwise, I would have taken that whole bottle, hidden somewhere (probably behind a chair, in a closet or under a table) and guzzled it. Yum. Then I probably would have died.

So there's a little picture into my childhood. It was a good time.

Today I got iced coffee from McDonald's (inspired by Ali's most recent post). It was good, but I felt guilty for not going to Coffee Station. I spent $1.69 that could have gone to my friends here. They gave me a lot of coffee though, and it was pretty good. I might go back if I'm ever far away from College Station.

Well, it's past midnight and I am bored of writing now. I hope you all enjoyed my ramblings!



Ashley said...

AGGIE RING, AGGIE RING, AGGIE RING!! I got my ticket this morning, and I'm group 7. So, that means I can get my ring at 4:30. I sure do hope you're available because my parents really want to meet you!! They are so excited! AND I want to take pretty, pretty pictures with you! Yay! Love you much!

krene said...

A laptop with a tablet screen. That is SO handy! I want one! I've lasted years without one but now I feel I must rush out and buy one. Why does that happen?

I always think that people who lead Bible studies should also be in one of their own, learning. Because while you will always learn things while you teach, it is never quite the same, is it?
I'll pray about it.

How's mom? You'd better be taking care of her. Although it's fun with just dad here (he took us out to eat yesterday, let us buy icecream and pizza and more icecream today) we miss our marmie.
Well, today was saturday, did you do anything special? Did you take mama to coffee station? When you come here at Christmas time, I will take you and Carolyn and Ed up to Art Six, this nifty cool place here in Denton.

Cut grass evenings... I long for them. I remember shoving cut grass into that crank on dad's boat. HAHA! And popping crepe myrtle buds.

AMOXICILLIN! Good grief that stuff was amazing. I wonder if I could buy it now. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt if I put a little in a shot glass...

And the snow wasn't so bad if you scraped the top layer, the stuff touching other snow and not the car.

Anyways, nuf of that.