Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hands Down, I Win!

I got home tonight after being gone pretty much all afternoon and evening. I literally jumped in surprise when I saw this at my front door:

That's right - my sweet boyfriend had left gorgeous flowers there along with a note! I win for having the best boyfriend ever. Guys, you should take notes from Austin so you can know how to make a woman feel special. :-)

I feel kinda bad because he put the flowers there right after I went to run errands today. I even saw him at Coffee Station later but had no clue that there was a surprise at my house. I even told him that I wasn't going home after studying and instead went straight to church. Thank goodness he put water in the bag, because they probably would have been all wilted!

I am going to the game this weekend with Anna, Carolyn, Catherine and James. Maybe more people too, but I don't know. I am excited because I miss those people! Anna and Natalie came to visit me during half time when we played Louisiana-Monroe, and we got this cute picture:

I love my roommates! Even though I don't actually live with them anymore, I still call them my roommates. They are precious to me!

My mom came into town this weekend. I just found out on Thursday that she was coming. We had a lot of fun! She cooked last night and it made me miss her home cooking. I need to learn how to cook like that. Maybe she can give me a lesson the next time I'm home! We had a fun breakfast yesterday, too. My mom made pancakes, egg and bacon and of course we had coffee and juice. I am going to have to do that at my duplex sometime soon! Who would come have a breakfast party with me?? ASHLEY!??! ;-) We should plan that on Friday or something! What do you say?

I babysit tomorrow morning again. Precious children. I am excited, but it means that I will have to go to bed soon so I am not exhausted in the morning.

Which reminds me... I don't have sheets tonight. I tried to wash them earlier today, and the washing machine has issues so it stops whenever it spins really fast because it gets imbalanced or something. My sheets are now sitting in soapy, dirty, lukewarm water. I have tried fixing it about 20 times but it still breaks again after spinning for 4 seconds. :-/

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. I know I did!!!



Ashley said...

how precious! i want a boy like that!!

umm breakfast party is a GO for me!!! friday? sounds PERFECT!!!

i luffffffff you oh so MUCH! thank you so much again for coming with me! it made my day even more special! :)

Erin said...

Haha! Katie, I do give you applause for having the best boyfriend ever for you! But I can't say that he's the best boyfriend ever all around! HAHA! Just kidding! Go us for getting the good ones!

Anonymous said...

oh how sweet! You're bf gets an A+ from me too. Way to go and congrats for landing a winnre Katie!!!