Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Do You Love It?

The sickness is gone. (Insert Hallelujah chorus here.) Thank goodness! I can breathe and I have enough energy to run around and keep busy like normal. I am very surprised because I didn't get a sinus infection. Normally my snot goes green and (sorry is this too much information?) I cough up a bunch of phlegm. Not this time! I think it was just a regular cold, something I haven't had in years. All that is left now is a raspy, sexy voice. Heck yes. (Haha!)

Sometimes I talk to myself in my head. Do you ever do that? I make up stories and I write things in my head. It always goes really well. In my head, I am a wonderful writer. I publish stories that would be best sellers if they ever reached the shelves of stores. But that's the problem - they never make it onto paper. These stories normally get written when I am walking to or from class, or while riding the bus. They are funny. I am a funny person, in my head. By the time I get home, though, I forget them. America will forever be deprived of my literary works.

I have a confession: I have been watching the worst TV show ever. My sister and my roommate and I have been renting a TV series from Hastings that is probably turning my brain to slush and replacing my vocabulary with phrases such as "That's hot." "Goodnight sexy." "Do you love it?" and "Hey gorgeous."

That's right.

We've been watching The Simple Life.

I actually really really disliked Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, and I still don't like them a whole lot. But The Simple Life makes me like them a little bit more than I used to because they are so stupid and funny! I just can't imagine how someone can have absolutely no common sense. I enjoy watching them make fools of themselves while trying to do normal tasks: vacuum, change a diaper, put icing on a cake... etc. Anna, Carolyn and I enjoy saying "Goodnight sexy" to each other before we go to bed. Wow.

On a more serious note (and this is like an oxymoron), I have been reading Blue Like Jazz again. I bought the book two years ago and read it, and I loved it. Then I let someone borrow it, and I haven't seen it since. So on Sunday, I went to Half Price Books to see if they had it. They did! I bought it again, and I've been reading it. I love it.

Carolyn and I have started a mini-Bible study together. We are going through 1 and 2 Thessalonians. I am learning a lot! We started today and read the first chapter of 1 Thessalonians. I want people to know that I am a Christian just by looking at my actions, just like the Christians in Thessalonica. How amazing!

Sometimes I wake up and I don't know where I am. I have to think for a few seconds what year it is, and whether or not I am in college. I forget that my family has moved back to Texas, and that I am about to start my third year of college, and that I no longer live in England. It is the weirdest thing. I can't begin to explain the thoughts that race through my head in the morning. Life is very strange, sometimes.

I have to thank my friend Tiffany for introducing me to the greatest place on Earth: Coffee Station. Well, she didn't really introduce me to the coffee shop - I mean, I knew about it before, and I had been there a few times. Normally I go to Sweet Eugene's, because that's what people talk about most. Honestly, though, I'm not a huge fan of Sweet's Coffee. No offense to them. It all tastes the same to me. And it's normally crowded with people who have nothing to do but take up a whole couch and listen to their iPod and study. I can't ever find anywhere to sit there. Tiffany told me that she goes to Coffee Station all the time, and that she's friends with the people who work there. So last week, Carolyn and I went there in the afternoon. I loved it. It was quiet and had a really relaxing and cozy atmosphere. We sat on a very comfortable couch and drank vanilla chai lattes and I tutored Carolyn in math. It was delightful.

But the best was yet to come.

I got sick, so I didn't go there for a few days. Then Sunday came, and I got a call from Tiffany after church. She said I should come to Coffee Station. So I grabbed Carolyn, and we went to coffee heaven.

The first thing you should know about Coffee Station is that the people who work there are AMAZING. And I mean that. I have met four... yes... I think four, people who work there. Every time I go at least one or two (sometimes three) of them are there. They are so friendly! That is why I have been there for the past two days. And I stay for hours. I have met Vlad, Chad, Danny and Andrea. Go meet them. You will be impressed.

The second thing you should know is that the people who study there are amazing. They have fun. They talk to you. They will take their earphones out of their ears to talk to you. They will host hug demonstration seminars with you (no joke haha). They will sit on the floor, in the middle of the store, after it closes and talk to you. They will play hand clapping games with you. They will sit at the same table with you. I love them.

The third thing you should know is that the drinks are awesome. This kind of connects to the fact that the workers are awesome. Yesterday I ordered a vanilla chai latte, and Danny handed me the drink. He told me it would be the best chai latte I had ever had. He was right. He spent a lot of energy on the making of that drink. It was perfect. And he put whipped cream on top. No one ever puts whipped cream on top. I am a huge fan of Coffee Station now. And today, Carolyn and I had sweat dripping down our backs, so we told the workers that we wanted something cold. Something fruity. Something fun, and sweet. And we told them that we wanted it to be a surprise (at this point, we knew we were getting Italian Cream Sodas). Oh, boy, did they have fun with that! We got our drinks and then we had to guess what flavor they were!!! Carolyn's was Raspberry Blackberry and mine was Raspberry Lemon. Amazing.

That, my friends, is one of the reasons that I don't ever want to leave college. I went to Jupiter House in Denton and the workers were cold and impersonal, not to mention impatient (when there was no one in line behind me!). College Station is where it's at. More specifically, Coffee Station is where it's at.

This is another place that I am a fan of: Hastings. We have rented 8 movies there so far this summer. It's a fun place! And they have vanilla chai lattes for under $2. They don't beat Coffee Station's, though. I tried to find a picture of Coffee Station, but I couldn't. Maybe I will take some.

I'm sure you are sick of reading about coffee, so I will end this little post. Peace out.



Ashley said...

you make me laugh! who knew you could write an entire post about coffee station?? HAHA. on that note, i think we will have to go there the next time i'm in college station because i've never been!

i hope you are having a splentabulous week! i miss you like crazy!

be checking my blog for an update REALLY soon! ;)

claire said...

You gotta see this!

hahahaha , this is funny. haha+_+!

Claire said...

wowwww~~I can't believe a place like Coffee Station really exists! It's incredible. If we had Coffee Station like that in TW, I would go there everyday! :P