Saturday, June 16, 2007

There was a Good Quote but I Forgot It

I told you that I would write about marrying someone with piercings (and/or tattoos). I was kind of serious, actually. I made the mistake of telling my mom and Nana that I could marry someone with a piercing or two at dinner the other day. You never know. I kind of like that look, to be honest. I don't want to marry a "bad boy". You know me, that would never happen. I just don't have a problem with piercings (depends on the place, though) on some guys, as long as their hearts are in the right place. I'm trying to think about how to word this without sounding cheesy, weird or dorky. I know some Christian guys with piercings and/or tattoos and they are really great guys. Plus, man looks at the outside and God looks at the heart.

Which is really true, I found out. My mom just kind of laughed at me and my Nana got this really scary look on her face. I think I may be going to hell now. (Haha.) I love my Nana, but we are very different when it comes to a lot of things. She is very conservative and very much a southern Baptist. She likes the clean cut guys. I do too, kind of. I also like the kind of guys who don't shave for a while and don't do their hair sometimes. And maybe have piercings. Okay that just sounds weird, now. I'm just not opposed to it.

I received a very long lecture about how awful it was to have piercings and tattoos if you're a guy. Apparently heathens do that sort of thing.

I just laughed a lot in my head.

I'm done with that topic, now.

My mom and sisters are leaving tomorrow morning. I sure did have fun with them while they were here! We watched Charlotte's Web tonight, and I decided it is one of my new favorite movies. I decided that I live in the past, or something. I love childrens' books and movies. Tiffany and I went to Barnes and Noble the other day and spent about an hour looking at books we read as children.
Make Way for the Ducklings
Goodnight Moon
Island of the Blue Dolphins
Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Goodnight Mr. Tom
Some other ones I can't remember now.

I loved being a child. I loved to read. Even now, I love picture books almost more than "grown up" books. When I find out that I am pregnant with my first child, I will go to the bookstore and buy the classics. My children will have an extensive library. I can't wait to read to them every night - I want them to grow up the same way I did. Lots and lots of picture books. :)

I want to go to a church that has no politial affiliation. That's not to say that Community Church does - actually, it really doesn't. No one talks about politics or bashes Hilary or Bush. Of all the churches I've ever been to, this one talks the least about politics. I was reading Blue Like Jazz and it made me think about how I don't want to go to a Republican/Democratic church. I don't think politics and religion should go together. Jesus' agenda never included politics while he was on Earth. He never gathered with others to argue whether or not we should ban gay marriage or whether abortion was wrong or not. He came to love, to forgive, to feed, to restore, to heal, to care for. He cared about people, not policies. I have never been a huge fan of politics. I think that is mainly due to the fact that I didn't spend long enough in any particular country to understand the political systems. We don't need to assume that Jesus would have been a Republican if He were here. I don't think he cares about that very much. He just cared about people. I want to be that kind of person, too. I don't want to bash homosexuals. I want to love them and welcome them into the church. I want them to know that Jesus loves them but He doesn't approve of their lifestyle. Protesting and yelling and shouting hateful words never helped anything. That is such terrible ungrace. I'm pretty sure Jesus would never do that. He would give people hugs. He would heal them. And then He would tell them to go and sin no more.

I got a little off track with that one. But that is what I have been thinking a lot about recently.

I really enjoy deep conversations. Small talk is fine, and sometimes you have to start off there because that's polite. It's what you do when you first meet someone. But sometimes I just want to get right to it. I want to ask people what their greatest struggle is. I want to know the lowest point of their life. I want to know what gives them much joy. I want to know the real person deep inside. I want to discuss things that are not shallow. Sometimes this happens with strangers, and I like it a lot. I just don't know a lot of stuff about intellectual things, and I don't know how to make myself sound smart in those circumstances. But I will listen. I'm still learning, and I don't have an opinion on everything. That's okay though, because everyone learns. I think a lot of opinions are just people repeating stuff they've heard before. That's all an opinion is, isn't it? People hearing someone say something, and then they think, Hey, I agree with that. I want to think that, too. So they say that's what they think, and it becomes their opinion. I mean, that's what I do. I repeat stuff I've heard and say that it is what I think. It all seems so shallow, now that I've put it that way. But I do like to have deep conversations a lot. Mostly about the Bible. I have realized that I am learning a lot about the Bible. I am still a baby when it comes to some things about the Bible. God is still teaching me, and I'm still growing. I love it.

Since it's getting late, I am going to wrap up now.
Life is beautiful.
God is great.
I am satisfied.
- Katherine


Claire said...

I love the paragraph that you said you enjoy deep conversations and how you explained opinion in such a detail. They are very intereting and funny to me! If you publish a book about what you think, I definitely a big fan of ur book. :)

I cannot stop laughing when reading about things about piercings.(I guess in a way, we are rebellious! hahahaha) Yep, I also think a boy who looked like a bad boy but actually has a good heart would be more attracting and surprising!
Talking about marrying someone with piercings reminds me of topic about ideal about ideal mate that I shared in my freinds' party. I said,I had always loved the boys who look clean, postive, promising and nice,but now I don't. If he looks hippy or postmodern with a long hairs,I think it's okay with me. What matters is heart.