Friday, June 22, 2007


That's what my dad and his siblings used to call ice cream when they were little. It had to do with a commercial that was playing on tv back then (the commercial actually said "...thin creamy shell..." talking about the ice cream it was advertising). Anyways, I just got through eating some Key Lime Pie flavored Blue Bell ice cream. Pretty good. Not as good as anything containing chocolate, though.

Today I had a history test that pretty much sucked. I wish I was good at history. I studied for hours, but I still freaked out during the test and forgot a lot of stuff. I made a ton of stupid mistakes, I think. At least it's over.

I'm sorry I have neglected all my adoring fans (ha) for the past couple days! History took up all my time. I joke that Sam Houston took up all my time, because I had to read a book about him. I think I had some dreams about him, too. Scary stuff.

Ok, I feel like putting some pictures on here.

This is where I have class every day. Isn't it beautiful? I know you can't really see the building, but I think having the trees there really make it gorgeous. I found out the other day that it was built in 1932.

Tiffany wanted to leave to leave our study party at Coffee Station to go play volleyball, so this is me giving her an evil look as she packs her stuff up. Except that I don't look angry, I just look weird.

This is Carolyn working on a top-secret project. Haha! She's really just doing a little arts and crafts.

Well, I had a lot more to say, but I need to run some errands. Maybe I'll post something later.