Saturday, April 21, 2007

"Allow Me to Tell You How Ardently I Admire and Love You."

For those of you who don't know, that's a quote from Pride and Prejudice. I'm not sure if Mr. Darcy says that to Elizabeth in the recent film version of the book, but he certainly says it in the book and the BBC movie.

Seriously, all guys should take notes. Detailed ones. Every single girl on the planet secretly wants a Mr. Darcy. You will hear it wherever you go! Every girl wants to be swept off their feet by one man who is the real-life equivalent of Fitzwilliam Darcy (for those of you who never knew his first name). I just finished watching the 2005 edition of Pride and Prejudice. The movie is good, but it leaves a lot of parts out and I think it can be difficult to follow if you've never read the book or seen the other version. The music is amazing, however. I wonder if you can buy the soundtrack... Anyways, I am in love. I want to be Elizabeth Bennet! :)

I'm procrastinating, and if I don't stop now, I will regret it.