Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bling = Aggie Ring

Yes, I got my Aggie Ring on Friday! Here are some pictures:

Matt, Catherine and me - we're sad because we don't have our rings yet!

They called my group number, so I'm walking into the room to get my ring!

The lady makes me sign some things before I can see my ring

Looking at my ring for the first time!!

Trying it on for the first time

GIG 'EM!!!

Our rings! (Catherine's, Matt's and mine from top to bottom - check out the diamonds on mine and Catherine's rings!)

Traditional Gig 'Em pose with my future roomie Jennifer!

My cousin Tyan came with me to get my ring!! It was so great. (Tyan, me and Carolyn from left to right)

I dunked my ring that night in green tea from Starbucks. Then I stayed awake until 2 because of the caffeine... haha

So there you have it! Carolyn took some great ring dunking pictures, but I will have to upload them later. Also, Kellie took some more professional ring pics today but I won't see them until later I think.