Saturday, April 07, 2007

I'm Dreaming of a White... Easter??

I know I write in here too much.
But the fact that we are having "a few snow showers" in Dallas right now is note-worthy, I think. What on earth!? Snow? Seriously. This is Texas. And it's April.
I'm really not complaining, because snow is cool, and we don't get to see it much here. But I didn't bring anything warm to wear, especially for church tomorrow, so I'm freezing just a little. It's really bizzare to me.

I have been attempting my math take-home exam tonight, and it's killing me. Not only is the exam next to impossible, but it's taking away my love for math. It used to be my favorite subject in school, but then I discovered that math really isn't math, it's just horribly messy proofs and letters and theorems. Not to mention lemmas. I thought calculus was as complicated as it got, but I was wrong. Now I'm supposed to teach this stuff, my so-called "passion" to kids, and get them all excited about it. That's hard though when you really don't like math anymore. The truth is, I really don't like anything (school related) anymore, except for people. I love people.
I wish I could get a people degree.

I bought the new Relient K CD today. I don't know why I love that band so much, because I'm not a huge punk rock/whatever that stuff is fan. I seriously never get tired of Relient K. Carolyn and I are going to jam to it all the way back to College Station. I also want to buy Dave Barnes' CD, but Best Buy didn't have it when I checked back in Aggieland. Maybe I'll just get it from iTunes.

I'm going to check for that now.