Thursday, April 05, 2007

Oh, Memories...

I've been home for a few hours already. I just got bored for the first time so far, so I wandered upstairs to look through the hundreds of photographs we got delivered to our house. They had been put into storage when we moved to England, and since we're back in Texas, PepsiCo decided they were no longer going to pay for our things to be kept in an air conditioned storage unit. So they dropped everything off at our house.

I picked up the first manilla envelope that I found, and it was labelled "1986 - Katie Birth & Newborn May-July". Baby pictures? My baby pictures? I don't think I'd ever seen these. It sounds kind of weird, but I don't know if my parents ever made an album with my baby pics. The last time I'd seen any of myself as a baby, I was probably 5 or 6. Wow. I flipped through the ones in the envelope and almost started to cry. I saw myself with my dad's mother, the grandma I never knew, before she passed away. I would have loved to have known her. I found some of me right after I was born - gross. I was not a very attractive baby! And yet I still looked like the me I am today, in an odd sort-of way. There's one of me in my crib, lying next to my first teddy bear, Daniel. He looked so fuzzy and soft back then. He was about as big as I was in the picture! It's funny, looking at baby pictures, and thinking "those fingers are the same ones that I have now" and "those feet are my feet"!!! My feet actually look like the ones I have now! Oh, and I found a picture of my old front door that was decorated for my return from the hospital. It had a banner on it that said "Welcome Home Deana and Katy". KATY???? That's how my name was originally spelt? Wow, I'd been getting it wrong all these years!!! I'm pretty sure Nana made it, because it looks like her handwriting. It feels weird to see my name spelt with a "y" instead of an "ie". There's a picture of my old neighborhood, too. It looked really nice back then. And there's a picture of my dad's old blue camero. I wish he had kept that car.

Now I'm going to open an envelope labelled "1988 - Winter Carolyn Newborn". First picture - my mom and dad with me, on the couch, who is holding Carolyn. I look like a boy. If I wasn't wearing some sort of frilly dress thing, you wouldn't be able to tell that I was a girl. My name could have been Karl. Or something. Niiiice, there's a picture of me picking my nose while we're trying to take a nice family photo. A picture of Papa holding Carolyn, who is screaming her head off. Her face is really red. Another picture of me, aged 2. I still look like a boy. I have no hair and my ears stuck out a lot. I was kind of an ugly kid. Wow... seriously, I wish I could scan some of these. I LOOK LIKE A BOY!!! I am going to ask my mom if people told her she had a very handsome son. I'm pretty sure that Carolyn is crying in all of these pictures. Ok, I'm finding some better pictures of me, now. I actually look kind of cute. Funny thing is, I have no hair. I didn't really have much hair until I was 3. Then I got cursed. Oh, WOW. I literally laughed out loud when I looked at one of these pictures of Carolyn - wrinkly face, black hair, weird expression. Yet it looks just like her. Ohh, there's a picture of my dad throwing me up in the air, and I'm smiling really big. Now THAT one looks like me. :)

I know you are getting sick of reading all of this, so I'll sign off now. If I find any way of scanning some of these in, I will. They are priceless.