Friday, April 06, 2007

Get Your Hair Did, Get Your Nails Done

I got a hair cut last night, and I must say, I think it's pretty cute. It's way shorter than I was expecting, but I think it looks better than before. My hair was starting to get mushroomy. My hairdresser, Jacob (not gay - he's married), told me that he and his friend invented the haircut he gave me, and I was the second person ever to have it. I feel special!

Today I'm going shopping with Mandi, my love, for a Ring Dance dress. I'm kind of freaking out. Everyone is telling me different things to buy, different colors, different styles. I'm not good at shopping for things like this. I can do semi-formal dresses. I'm very good at that. But formal dresses are hard! I wish that White House Black Market did formal dresses, but I don't think they do. Hmm.

Being home is fun, but I want Carolyn to get here. She's working with the homeless in Dallas right now with some of her friends. I wish I could have done that, but it just didn't work out.

I'm going to work on scanning some of those pics I found last night. I think you will all enjoy them.