Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Until You

I seriously do not understand God. Why on earth does He love me?!?! I am probably one of the most stupid people on this planet. I can't ever get it right. I don't learn my lesson. I don't always stay in the Word. I don't pray consistently. And yet, God still chooses to bless me again and again. I don't understand it!

I've been feeling really distracted recently, and I've felt a little far from God. It affects me a lot when I'm not reading the Bible every day. It really is my daily bread! Yesterday I just felt rushed and busy, and distant from God. It felt like nothing was going right. But over and over, God proves that He is always there and always faithful! I got to talk to my Taiwanese penpal, Claire, and I got an email from her yesterday. I was able to share my faith with her, and basically share my testimony. She told me that last Sunday she went to a Christian church in her city, and she wants to try to see if Christianity can change her life for the better!! She mentioned that she thinks she could have a personal relationship with God. Um, how GOOD is Christ?!?! I feel worthless and God still uses me in ways I am not expecting! It's incredible. I know God can change Claire's life and give her everlasting joy because of what He did for her. What a blessed day it was yesterday!

Today I applied to be a freshman Bible study leader. We'll see how that goes. I don't know what God wants me to do next year but I want to be obedient in whatever He is calling me to do! I was able to spend some time with God on the Grassy Knoll this afternoon and it was amazing. Itchy, but amazing. It's crazy thinking about what God is teaching me right now - I've come to this place in my relationship with Him where I feel like I can offer my whole being to Him for His use. I want to be used any way I can!

Tonight I'm going to Breakaway for the first time since the beginning of last semester. I'm so excited! There's just something awesome about praising God in the same room as 4000 other people. :)

I get my ring in 3 days. I'm STOKED. I'm going to dunk it on Friday night, but I don't know what to dunk it in. I'm not 21 so it has to be non-alcoholic. That's fine by me, though! Maybe I can dunk it again once I turn 21 ;) haha! Sweet tea seems like a good idea, but a little common. Suggestions are appreciated!

I need to study. Peace out.

P.S. Dave Barnes is awesome, you should check his music out!