Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pop! Goes my Heart

Last night I hung out with a really fun (and crazy) group of people. Carolyn and I got invited to a BBQ by our friend Austin, and hey, we like random things, so we went. It was a blast! The guys who live with Austin are insane. We sat around, talking about random stuff, jamming out, listening to Boston, playing Guitar Hero and then eventually we decided to watch The Phantom of the Opera. I couldn't believe it when all these guys started suggesting that movie! I was a little impressed, to say the least. I thought most guys hated girly movies (especially girly movies that are musicals). But they all loved the songs and we had a wonderful time analyzing it. What a fun group of people.

Sometimes I wish that my life was a musical. If people just burst into song all the sudden in real life, things would be so much more fun! I am tempted to start dancing sometimes, as I listen to my iPod when I'm walking across campus. It's too bad stuff like that isn't normal.

I've been listening to some funny music today. I think this song/video is hilarious:

It's from the movie Music and Lyrics, which is not an amazing movie, but the music is pretty good. Hugh Grant makes me laugh, a lot.

Carolyn and I went antiqueing (sp?) today. We didn't find anything.

Well, I should probably go do something productive.

Peace out.


Sarah said...

Pop! *wachow* Goes my heart.

haha. that was a funny song.

Ashley said...

haha hugh grant is amazing.