Friday, October 12, 2007

luv is a verb

Who knows what I'll write right now, because I'm really hyper and full of crazy energy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

I'm eating a granola bar and listening to dc Talk. I want to learn how to early-90s dance. Like Will Smith can on the Fresh Prince. I have spent maybe the past 30 minutes jumping around my room.

I want to jump on my bed...
I just tried it, but it seems that I have gotten too tall. (Me? Tall? Ha.) My head almost hit the ceiling fan, and then it almost hit the ceiling.

I want a trampoline. When I get my own place, I'm totally buying one. I will have trampoline parties with my other adult friends. Well, the adults probably wouldn't want to jump on it. So I'll get some little kids to hang out with me, and we will have fun. We'll be less mature than the middle school kids I will be teaching.

It will be awesome.

We'll have dance parties to Kelly Clarkson.

Like I'm having right now.

I bet there is a camera somewhere in my room, filming me. Because I look pretty silly.

I'm supposed to be going to dinner with Austin, but I bet I won't be able to sit still. I might even start dancing around the restaurant. I feel energized.

I'm not really sure why, because earlier I wasn't feeling that great, and I layed on my bed for a few hours talking on the phone.

I'm not a huge fan of talking on the phone, but I called Kellie today and talked to her for a long time. It was good. I never call Kellie. I should call her more often. I also got to talk to my mom for a long time, as well as Nana.

I talked to Nana about the Christmas party.

GET READY!!!!!!!!!

Because it's coming up.

It's going to be insane this year. With more food than you can imagine.

Know why?

Because it's going to be a potluck!

Puppy chow, chex mix, cookies, brownies, wassail, hot chocolate (heck yes my famous recipe!), and all the other good stuff.

I'm PUMPED. I listened to a little bit of Christmas music earlier. Just to get in the mood. I talked about decorating Nana's house after Thanksgiving. Because this year the party will be on December 1st. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!!!! That was a little heads up.

I might dress up as an elf.

But probably not.

It would be funny though.

On that note, I'll sign off and continue to jump happily around my bedroom.

You should be here.



krene said...

HEY! SO maybe I could come to your christmas party this year... :P

Ashley said...

i love old skool dc talk! (what would people think if they hear that i'm a jesus freak?)

christmas parties give me warm fuzzies. :)

Ashley said...

p.s. remind me to tell you about my dream. (it's far too embarrassing to post on here...)

Erin said...

So I'm sitting in the WCL trying to study for a test, but instead I end up getting distracted and reading your blong. THEN! I had this sudden urge to get up in the middle of the library and dance! You made it sound so fun and I was trying not to laugh out loud! Now I'm bouncing up and down in my seat trying to focus on not freaking anyone else out by breaking out in a random dance! I look like a little kid that has to go to the bathroom really bad!