Sunday, October 28, 2007

To Plan or Not to Plan

I don't use a planner.

I know, I'm in college, and you're supposed to be organized and on top of things. But to be honest, planners make me feel more disorganized, not less.

You have to remember to write assignments down in your planner, and then you have to remember to check your planner for assignments you previously wrote down.

I don't like all that mess.

So I don't use a planner.

At the beginning of each year, I will start over trying to be a "planner girl" -- I'll go out and get a planner, and I'll start to write things in it. But soon after, I realize that I don't actually accomplish anything with a planner, so I stop using it.

I bet you're all wondering how I remember everything if I don't use a planner. Well, to be honest, I just remember it. Certain details I might write down in a notebook or something, along with my class notes, but apart from that, everything is in my brain.

I don't need a planner to remind me that I have to babysit on Tuesday. Or what time. Or for how long. Or where.

It's in my brain.

I don't need a planner to tell me that I have homework due tomrorow at midnight.

It's in my brain.

I don't need a planner to tell me that I am going to have dinner with a friend on Tuesday.

That's in my brain, too.

Sometimes, though, I will write lists of things I need to do, and stick it above my computer. This is only done, though, if my brain is a little stressed out of trying to remember and keep track of all the things I have to do. One by one, I'll cross them off until the whole list is crossed off. I threw away a list about 30 minutes ago. It inspired me to write this post.

Well, I'm out, because I'm going to the Station to finish writing my research paper, that is due tomorrow night.

I didn't need a planner to tell me that.



Austin said...

i wish.