Sunday, October 07, 2007

"You're Really Weird!"

This morning I woke up with absolutely massive bags under my eyes, with no idea as to how they got there. I could understand if I had cried myself to sleep, or gotten no sleep... but I had a pretty uneventful night (with the exception of a trip to the bathroom at 5:45). I look miserable and upset, but I assure you that I'm quite happy. We won against OSU last night and I had a wonderful day yesterday. I'm going to do some research to figure out how to get rid of swollen under-eyes. (I don't know what to call the part under my eye.)

I realized the other day that I do some pretty weird things. Most people know about my strange foot-washing rituals, but there are a few more quirks that I have that are unknown to most of my friends:

1. Every night, before I go to bed, I try to find my flattest pillow. I bought two pillows from Sam's for $10, and they are both in identical pillow cases. I sleep with one more than the other, so there's this nice indention in it. But since they look the same, sometimes I get the pillows confused. Therefore, I spend about 2 minutes trying to figure out which one is the one I use more frequently. Sometimes I lay on each of them to do this. I should just get a marker and mark it after I figure it out, but where would the mystery be in that? :)

2. I absolutely despise cutting my fingernails with my razor. This happens about twice a year, completely on accident. It happened to me today, and I wanted to rip up my shower curtain in frustration. Does this ever happen to you? Where you're shaving your legs and you move your hand away a little slower than you needed to, and SLICE, there goes a chunk off the end of your fingernail. There is no blood, no pain, but it feels so WEIRD. I think this is one of my most hated feelings in the world. I would rather stub my toe. The pain from that goes away pretty quickly, but after cutting my fingernail, my whole body feels strange for at least 15 minutes afterwards.

3. Unless I am sweating profusely, I cannot stand cold air blowing on my body, especially my face. I want to run and hide... under a warm blanket. The buses at A&M are especially bad for blowing cold air on you. There is no reason for them to have the air on that high or that cold, and yet they choose to freeze their passengers. I normally take a sweater with me if I know I have to ride the bus. The other worst thing is when there is a cold fan blowing on you (or air conditioner, I guess) while you are trying to sleep. I don't mind some fans, as long as they aren't on their highest, craziest setting, but there are some that seem to shake and look as though they are going to fall out of the ceiling, they are spinning so fast. Unnecessary! I want to put my face under the pillow, but then I can't breathe. So there's really no solution.

4. I hate answering machines. I will hang up before I the voice mail message is done. I would rather be stabbed with a pencil than deal with those things. They make me nervous and self-conscious. If I know the person I am calling really well, then it's not really a problem. But if it's someone unfamiliar, I snap my phone shut after hearing "Hi, this is ____ and I'm not here..." If I really had to leave a message, I would probably write it beforehand on a piece of paper, and then read it. I feel strange talking to a voice recorder, who is supposedly my friend whoever.

5. I have music ADD. I have no problem changing the song after 45 seconds of listening to it. Sometimes, that's just enough. Unless I love the song. Sometimes I get obsessed with songs, and then I want to listen to them 50 times in a row. But most of the time, I have ADD. When my iPod is on shuffle, I will go through about 125 songs in 30 minutes.

6. I clean my room before I study. I don't think it's a procrastination technique for me, although it is for some people. I just want my environment to be tidy and orderly when I hit the books. I can't concentrate when I know that there are things that aren't in their right places.

Well, I should probably go and put some makeup on or something. I still look like I've been bawling my eyes out.

That's the end of the list for right now. If y'all can think of anything else I do that's weird, feel free to add it. Haha! :)

Peace out


Hélène said...

Ok, every single one of those things you listed (apart from the voicemail thing, I only leave a message if it is an absolute emergency!), I do/think too, so fear not, you are not alone in the weirdness stakes! :)

Austin said...

1) You laugh at your own jokes in your head.
2) You don't like fruit...I mean honestly, who doesn't like fruit?
3) WC every 20 min.
4) You enjoy tlaking about snot...a lot.
5) Your hand is ticklish.
6) You sip tea. Not too much.....but just enough to make me angry. You're in America now...drink coffee!
7) You go to coffee shops and talk to people. Who does that?
8) I'll end on eight for obvious reasons but let me just add one word......etcetera.

(p.s. : I think you are really cool, quirks and all.)

Katie said...

Ok Austin...

I don't go to the bathroom every 20 minutes!!! I went for the whole entire football game yesterday without peeing. I think I deserve a medal.

I have a lot of snot... so... yeah I guess that doesn't justify me liking to talk about it. I don't think I LIKE talking about it, I just don't have a problem with it.

I drink tea AND coffee. I'm cultured. Number six was funny, though. I said it in the snobbish voice too...

You HAD to make that list have 8 things in it. Ha. Also, I am impressed you know how to spell
"etcetera" because I really didn't have a clue.

I think you're cool too. :)

Ashley said...

ok, seriously? i have the goosebumps right now.

1) i have a flat pillow and a fluffy pillow. the flat pillow MUST be under the fluffy pillow. i have no reasoning behind this logic. go with me here.

2) razored nails are pretty much worse than the sound of nails on a chalkboard. one time, though, i did go deep enough to draw blood.

3) all i'm going to say is: DITTO.

4) i only like to leave funny voice mails for people. otherwise, you get a *click* from me.

5) um HI! i'm the exact same... especially when i'm working out. i can go through my entire music library just to find the perfect song to run to.

6) i think for me, cleaning is a procrastination technique, but then it turns into getting it done so i can concentrate while i study. if i leave things messy, i won't get anything done!

you make me smile every day! :) i love my other whole!

Anonymous said...

When you mentioned the razor chipping the rail, my body quivered and I make a gross face and shook a little bit. I hate that.