Sunday, May 13, 2007

I Believe (And Other Thoughts)

I believe that it's okay to cry during cheesy movies.
I believe that it's okay if your parents are on facebook.
I believe that you grow up without realizing it.
I believe that inside jokes never get old.
I believe that it's okay to eat cereal for dinner (sometimes).
I believe that graffiti is art (well, some of it).
I believe that singing at the top of your lungs with the windows down is a summer must.
I believe that too many college-aged people are getting engaged.
I believe that God has a purpose for you right here, right now. Find out what it is!
I believe that Disneyworld isn't all it's cracked up to be.
I believe that chavs are entertaining.
I believe that it's essential to leave your home country at least once in your life (if you can afford it).
I believe that people have begun to forget how special handwritten letters are.
I believe that people are amazing. All of them.
I believe that people look best when they are natural.
I believe that you should never underestimate what God can do!

This is just a random list of stuff I've been thinking about. Some are kind of silly, and I just came up with them right now. What do you believe? (Sorry, I know that sounds cheesy.)

Today was Mother's Day. I feel like I don't appreciate my mom enough. She is a stay-at-home mom, and has devoted her life to raising us 5 girls. Dang, that would be a hard job...!! We gave her the CD I mentioned in my previous post, as well as two cards (one funny, one serious). My dad is in Asia and had flowers delivered to her, as well as a card. She's reading the card right now. :)

I must admit, I feel a little bit stuck now that I'm in Little Elm. I find myself thinking, "Now what?" as I wake up every morning. I wish I knew more people here. I know I keep saying that, but I'm the sort of person who gets lonely very easily. I guess that's the curse that comes from being an extrovert. We were at Denton Bible Church this morning (where my family has started going... again...) and I ran into a bunch of old friends. I barely remembered them, because we were friends when we were 10 and younger. I guess I half expected them to still be that age. I gotta tell you, it's weird seeing all these people suddenly 10 years older than they were when you last saw them. A lot of them want to hang out with me, but I feel so weird. Some of them continued their homeschooling all the way through high school, and I admit that I feel like I can't really relate to them very well. I loved homeschooling, but I am so glad that my parents eventually put me into private school! Something tells me that I would be a very awkward 21 year old if that had not happened.

I guess I'm not really 21 yet. Give it two more weeks (exactly!). I can't believe that I'll be celebrating yet another birthday. I feel like I just turned 20! I asked for a new laptop, since mine is almost shot, but we'll see. I would really like a MacBook, but I know that's out of the question. Something tells me that it would be a much better computer than this Dell.

I was wandering around the garage today, looking at all the boxes that have been hidden in a storage unit in Dallas for the past 9 years. I found my T-square and my old wooden drafting table board thing (not sure of the exact technical name) on top of some boxes. Something in my heart leaped a little bit, and then it started to ache. I thought back to the technical drawing class that I took when I was 10. Ten. That sounds so young - and yet we were taught how to draw things in perspective. I made a to-scale model of the bank on the Denton Square. I was so proud of that model! It took me such a long time. I had to draw it out using my t-square and pencils on special paper, and then I cut it out and taped the insides together. I wonder if that model still exists. I don't know why I have this love for architechture and drawing. I really do wonder if I am in the wrong major. Maybe someday I will go back to school and become an architect. That would just be funny.

My mom just got a blog. She's been asking me to help her set one up for months, and now she finally has one! If you want to read it, it's :)

Well, I should probably be going to bed soon. We may be going shopping tomorrow, and I'll need energy for that! :-P



Ashley said...

"I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way." HAHAHA

I agree that too many college people are getting engaged... Meredith and Andrew just got engaged!! CRAZY!!

What are chavs?

I DEFINITELY believe that it's essential to leave your home country at least once in your life. Definitely.

I know what you mean... every time I go back to Baton Rouge to visit and I see old friends, I realize that my life would've been so different now if we had stayed living there. All of my old friends have changed... some not for the better. So yay for living here! (?)

Less than 2 weeks until your birthday... let's get blitzed!!! :)

I miss you like peanut butter misses jelly on my sandwiches!