Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I Guess You Could Say I'm Slightly Overwhelmed

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

James 1:17

I can honestly look at my life right now and agree completely with this verse! I'm overwhelmed with the blessings that I've been given this semester! I saw my friend Ryan today, and he asked me how my semester was. I was absolutely bursting with stories of God's goodness and the bounty that He has bestowed upon me, but we had no more than 30 seconds to talk since we were walking to class. I tried to convey that this semester has been amazing, but those 30 seconds couldn't do it justice. God has been so amazing to me!!!!!! I will give you all a quick rundown of what has happened:

  • My classes aren't amazing, but I am getting through them. I am learning patience from frustrating teachers and perseverance through difficult classes.

  • God is teaching me so much about the way that He works. He is so surprising and works in unexpected ways! He has provided an opportunity for me to share my relationship with Christ with my Taiwanese penpal, Claire, through a class project. That is another big blessing – Claire is an amazing friend and penpal! I am challenging my own faith as I share what I believe with her. The joy that comes from this is astounding. I could talk for hours about it! :)

  • I have an amazing SiC, Leigh Ann. We have met pretty much every single week since the beginning of September (minus school breaks). She challenges me, encourages me and constantly amazes me with her love for Christ. Her motives are pure and her heart is full. She is one of the most amazing people I know! Also, she is going to be my sister’s roommate next year!!!

  • God has blessed me with new friendships, one of these being my math buddy (as we will forever refer to each other) Ashley. I call her my other whole, because we are pretty much the same person! It is awesome to have someone who is always willing to hang out with me and do random fun stuff with me, not to mention attempt math homework with me! I am blessed to have her as a friend.

  • My sister is here at A&M, and it gives me so much joy! I love having her here! I think people think that we are joined at the hip, because we are always together. I call her about 20 times a day (thank goodness it’s free) and tell her everything. She is the hugest encouragement in my life! What makes me most excited is that I could be living down the street from her next year. I am so excited about this possibility!

  • I have a car that I can drive around in now. You have no idea how big of a blessing this is. My life has changed dramatically because of it (thank you, dad!).

  • I went on the most amazing mission trip over Spring Break, to Juarez, Mexico. It changed my life, and I met the most incredible people on that trip. Service is my passion, so to be able to serve others in that way gave me immense joy. I want to go back next year!

  • I am so blessed to have Nana living in College Station. Although I don’t see her as often as I would like, I love having her here. She is a wonderful grandmother!

  • I love my church. No, it’s not perfect, but I have learnt more there than at any other church in my entire life. I have a family there who cares about me a lot! I love the people that I have met there and the relationships that I have formed. I see Jesus in them, and it gives me great delight! I love the honesty and genuine hearts there.

  • I love my roommates, and it has been a blessing to be with them this year (and last year). I will miss them a lot when I move next year, but I know that I will always be able to visit! I am excited about living with Jennifer, because I know that it is what God wants. God has a plan, and although I don’t know what it is, I am ready for it and I know it’s going to be awesome!

  • My family is back in Texas, and I have driven home twice to visit them so far (and they have come here a few times as well!). I love having them here, although I do miss England. I want to grow closer to them.

  • God is teaching me that only He satisfies. I am learning to be satisfied in Him (a lesson that I am confident we as humans must learn over and over throughout our lives!). Anything that I try to fill the void with falls short.

  • Even though I would like to get married one day, I am content being single. Period. I am much happier without a boyfriend now, and I have been able to do so much more being single! I praise God for leading me out of my past relationship and into a deeper communion with Him.

  • I am excited about the opportunities God is presenting me with for next year. I will be leading an upperclassman Bible study at the BSM, and it is so humbling! I know that it won’t be anything that I can do on my own strength. I need Christ, all the time. I need wisdom from Him, and I need His words.

  • I love the random parts of life. Like, yesterday I drove past Navasota with my sister and two other friends, to a state park. We took old cereal boxes and paints, and painted underneath the trees. And the other night I went to Ring Dance and had an amazing time, with a wonderful date. And tonight, I had dinner with my friend Aaron. We talked for a long time about life, and it was spectacular. There weren’t even any awkward silences. Also today, I had a lunch date with my sister, and two of her FLiC friends. Talk about fun. I love random.

  • I want to go on a mission trip next summer, and I think that just might be possible.

  • I could sing of His love forever.

  • (And I could probably keep writing forever!)
But I need to go to bed now. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog.... sorry it's been so short recently.


Anna said...

Katie you are such a blessing to my life!!!! I am so glad I got to live by you this year! It has been soo fun and I will miss you so much next year! But of course we will hang out! I am sooo excited for your pen pal! Seriously that is sooooo awesome! I love you roomie!


Ashley said...

katie, katie, katie. you are SUCH AN AMAZING PERSON!!!! i am so glad the Lord placed you in my life this year. you have taught me so much and been there for me every time i've needed a friend to talk to. that's something God's really blessed you with... an attentive ear. when things have been "sketch" (hehe) in my life, you've always been there to encourage me. i'm so thankful i can call you "friend," "sister," and "other whole!" i'm so excited to see where God leads us in the future!! YOU ARE AWESOME! i love youuuuu! :)