Monday, May 07, 2007

No More 3x5s

I went on a walk once.

The sun was starting to set, and it looked like a scene from a movie. I had to squint as I made my way through the fields. My skin was orange, contrasting with the pink and blue sky above me. My feet made a crunching sound beneath me as I stepped on dry straw. The next field was completely green.

I could see the church steeple in the distance as I stopped and turned around. The roofs were only just visible.

I turned around and kept walking.

It got quieter.

I was alone in my field.

I climbed on top of a hay bale and sat, taking in the beauty around me. By this time, everything was orange. My eyelashes scattered the sunrays when I blinked.

I wanted them to see this. I wanted them to feel the air, and smell the grass. I wanted them to sit next to me for a while.

There was no way that a camera could capture this moment.

I guess you had to be there.

I will forever remember that day.

Years from now, I will go back. I will pass my driveway, no longer a resident, and park at the top of the hill. My husband and I will get out, and I will take him to a hay bale by the stream. I will show him the steeple, and He will feel the crunch of the straw underneath his boots.

He will understand.

I won't have to show pictures anymore.

He will sit beside me for a while and take in the beauty around us.

Finally, he will understand.

No more 3x5s.


Anonymous said...

I am still sad that you only ever walked but maybe once a month. It was tragic to me.

Katie said...

the time had to be right for me. there were only certain days...

Ashley said...

sounds BREATHTAKING. i'll be your husband. ;)