Saturday, May 12, 2007

Life in Little Elm

Well, I'm home. If home is what you would call it... I'm not really sure anymore. I think home is probably College Station, now. Anyways, I'm in Little Elm. It's a happening place, let me tell you! I have spent the day (so far) sitting around, drinking white hot chocolate and watching The Office. Very productive. I am also ripping Justin Timberlake's new album to iTunes. Carolyn and I bought it yesterday to jam to on our way home. I normally don't buy a lot of mainstream pop stuff, but we were in the mood for silly car music. So we bought the edited version of FutureSex/LoveSounds. What a stupid name for an album.

I think my sisters and I are going shopping later to get stuff for my mom for Mother's Day. I want to buy her the new Michael Buble album. She really likes him.

Well, I'm pretty hungry now, so I'm going to eat lunch.

I'm going to write a longer, more interesting post later.


Claire said...

Hey KT!!!!
I am very happy to see that you are completely done with your school classes and start to have fun with your family. How do you spend your Mother's Day? Did you have a good time recently? I am sorry that I haven't responded your past emails. +_+! But I have readed all the emails and seen all the pictures!!! I really enjoy reading them and watch your pictures.:)( You comgroup looked full of warmth and fun!!!) ~~
I will write you back later(when I get up on Monday.):)~~

Guess what!? I am almost ready to send things from Taiwan to you, and I plan to send them tomorrow. Recently, I was making the card. (I am not good at this, but I try to make it look acceptable.+_+!)

So be expecting my letter. :)hahaha