Sunday, May 20, 2007

It Might Not Even Be Worth Reading...

For being at home, I have been surprisingly busy. Normally I end up not having enough to do, but not this time. I've been relaxing, some, but I think that since I have a car I can drive now, it's easier to stay busy.

Tomorrow, my friend Leigh Ann is coming to visit. Leigh Ann is my SiC (Sister in Christ) for FLiC (Freshmen Leaders in Christ). She will also be Carolyn's roommate next year, and is going to be living right around the corner from me! I'm so excited. Having her visit will be the excitement that I've been needing!

I went to church twice today, and heard the exact same sermon twice. It was actually really cool because I learnt more the second time than I did the first time. Maybe I should listen to all sermons twice, if possible.

I don't think I've been resting enough. I think I was supposed to lay around all day for the 48 hours following my surgery, but I didn't. I did the day I got my teeth out, but the next day, I was back doing busy stuff again, and I haven't stopped since! I just need sleep, I think.

Last night, Carolyn, Christina and I went to see "Meet the Robinsons" at the movie theater. We saw it in 3-D!!! It was AWESOME!!! Seriously, that is my new favorite movie. I loved it, and so did Carolyn and Chrissie. I probably enjoy kids' movies more than adult ones.

I think my blog needs some pictures to spice it up. I looked on my computer and found some pictures that I haven't put on facebook. Here they are:

This is James, my roommate Catherine's cousin - he tried to eat my phone once, and actually fit the whole thing in his mouth.

This is Ashely at U-Paint-It. We painted tiles one morning, and it was so much fun! We both put Bible verses on them. :)

This is where I'll be living next year! It needs some yardwork since no one is living there right now. I will be living in the part on the left!

Almost all of my paragraphs are the same length. I wonder what that means. Probably that I should go to bed and quit rambling. I need to clean up around here before Leigh Ann comes tomorrow. Plus I'm really tired. Goodnight everyone.


Claire said...

WoW. I didn't know you have a talent in painting! I am so impressed by you and Ashely's paint work!:) Nice work!

Claire said... blog entry is always interesting and funny! ("Almost all of my paragraphs are the same length."-->hahahah )Seriously, I cannot help checking it out everyday!!!

Just today, from a course, I got a new parter from south Korea to email to and talk to. I think of you and I guess I should write to you as soon as possible tomorrow evening.
BTW: although my friends suggested me to remain it as a secret or a surprise, I didn't wish you miss it and wanted to say that I just send out the letter and something last Saturday(May 19) to the mailing address that you gave to me! I guess it won't take one week for you to receive.
I hope you still can get the letter when you are staying at home.

Ashley said...

haha that was such a fun day! i look a little... high in that picture, though!

i miss youuuu!! i found out i can order my ring starting on the 29th! so, if my work schedule allows, i'll probably be coming to college station then. will you be back by then?