Thursday, May 31, 2007

Life and Luncheon

My days are normally pretty strange.

I wake up, feeling rather tired and almost sick, and take a shower. My shower normally wakes me up, and without it, who knows what I'd be like! After my shower, I do my hair and makeup, get dressed, eat breakfast and head out the door for class. 9:05 am. Every morning.

I catch the bus and make my way to the Animal Industries building. It's the first time I've ever had a class in there. Supposedly the building's haunted, but I just think it's too cold.

Class is from 10:00-11:35, but I normally get out by 11:20.

After that, I'm done.

It feels weird a) to have the same schedule every day and b) to be done by lunchtime.

I'm not really sure what to do with my time. I need a job, but since I have to share a car with Carolyn, it's very difficult to do that unless I get a job on campus. And I haven't the slightest idea how to do that.

Pray for me, because I really need a job. I need to earn money and I need to fill my time up with something.

I just remembered that I have to read Velvet Elvis by June 12 (I think). I'm very excited about my ComGroup Girls' Book Club! Very excited.

College Station just doesn't feel right, though. I bet this is how it'll feel once I'm done with college. In a year and a half, I won't have this bustling metropolis to come home to after 3 months of being in a different country, or whatever. I guess that if I am a teacher, this will somewhat happen, but it won't be like this. Life won't stop in quite the same way. I don't want to leave college. Honestly, I'm scared of the "real world".

I guess I should go to bed. Tomorrow, I'm going to luncheon with my sister, my Nana, my Nana's cousin and her cousin's daughter. I love luncheon. (What does that word even mean, though? I don't even know.)

Goodnight, all.


elaine said...

hey, i used to read your blog more, but i hadn't in awhile. anyway, i came across it and i think you had mentioned the on-campus job thing to me, but i wanted to make sure you knew about the website . there are postings on there for on campus jobs. i think that's how i find out about mine when i used to work at the art gallery. check it out!