Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Car Washes are Awkward

I almost didn't want to post this morning because I love going to my blog and seeing that beautiful painting of the heart right there. Does anyone else really like that picture? I wish I could have a print of that to hang somewhere. It looks like what my heart feels like. That painting makes me smile! I think all I did was search google images (although now I have no idea what I typed in to find it).

Anyways, good morning!

I saw Hairspray last night with some friends, and it was simply amazing. I was smiling, dancing, and laughing the whole way through. Seeing John Travolta as a woman was hilarious. Go see it. I think it got an A- by the yahoo movie reviews thing... and as far as I can tell, that's rare.

Do you ever look up when you're walking around? I have been doing it a lot recently. There's a lot to look at up there! I like looking at the top of buildings, the birds in the sky, the branches of the trees, the clouds... I must look like a complete dork with my neck bent back and eyes upward, but it's worth it. Just look up sometime when you are walking across campus. I'm not sure if I would advise this in a busy city (although a split second wouldn't hurt anyone), but definitely try this on campus. The sky is beautiful.

Yesterday, Carolyn and I went to give Dwight a bath. Dwight, for those of you who don't know this, is what we call our car. If you saw the license plate, you would understand. He is rightfully a "Dwight." Anyways, he tends to get dirty pretty quickly, so we knew that he would need a wash soon. We got him in February (thanks, Dad!!!), and he has had maybe... 3... carwashes since. Four could be stretching it. But it has been raining so much here that we weren't in any rush to pay $5 and then have it go to waste.

But yesterday was the day.

After dinner, Carolyn and I drove around to find the closest carwash (for future reference, it's at Holleman and Wellborn). We drove up to the little money thing, and started putting our quarters in to pay the $4 for the "Premium Wash." I don't know why they call it that, because it's the least expensive and fancy wash. I guess they want us to know that even their Econo-wash (what it should be called) is of good quality. Anyways, we're putting our quarters in, and after every quarter gets put through the slot, there's a little voice that talks to us.
"Quarter - accepted."

It did the same thing when we put the dollar bills in.

"Bill - accepted."

There seemed to be a live human inside the box. I had never seen anything like it. (On a side note, why are they always female voices? I have always wondered that.)

After we paid the $4, a choice came up on the screen: TouchFreeWash or FoamBrite Wash?

How were we supposed to know what that meant?

We went for the TouchFreeWash because we thought that maybe you had to do something yourself on the FoamBrite one.

We decided this was a bad decision because we figured out that "TouchFreeWash" meant that the spinning brushes don't hit your car, which is what Dwight really needed. Instead of the spinning brushes (which are apparently made out of foam), we got the most powerful spray of water I've ever experienced. It was like a jet sprayer times a thousand. It wasn't just a little spray, either - it was like the heavens opened and were shooting water at us. Carolyn and I sat there, screaming, grabbing each other's arms.

It was one of the scariest experiences I've ever had. Well, maybe not, but it was still scary.

We thought for sure that the windscreen was going to break, our car was going to fill up with water, and we were going to drown. Thank goodness that didn't happen, though. We got out just fine, and Dwight looks sparkly and shiny.

Our last carwash experience was just as bad. We went to one in Rock Prairie, and pulled up to the money thingy. As we were trying to figure out how to pay for the wash, this random guy walks up to our car and starts blasting it with a jet sprayer. We thought he was one of those guys who just does something to try to get money, and it isn't really his job. We certainly didn't want to pay for this extra service, so we rolled our window down and yelled at him. No kidding, our conversation went a lot like this:

"Hey, what's going on?"
"What's going on?"
[Jet sprayer turned off] "Um... what?"
[Awkward silence]
"What... are you doing? What's happening?"
"I... don't understand."
"Um... neither do we."
"Where do we pay? We want a carwash."
"Um.. what? I'm not sure."
"Do we just drive through?"
"I'm getting the bugs off your car first."
[Moment of revelation] "OH!!!! Okay!! Got it. We thought..."
[Awkward silence]

It was the most awkward conversation we had had in a long time. Poor guy. The carwash ended up being fine, however, and we were thankful for the pre-wash-bug-removal.
This is why we don't get our car washed very often.

Every morning, I come to the Blocker computer lab at the same time. My pilates class gets out about an hour before my statistics class, so I have time to kill. That's why I blog every morning. What else am I going to do? I come here. Every morning, I log in to a computer, and I see this picture as my background:

That's the village I lived in when I lived in England. Well, it's one of them, because I lived in three. That was the one my family lived in until this past December. I look at that picture, and it looks like a dream. I seriously can't believe that place still exists, somewhere across the ocean. I miss it a lot, and I hope to go back someday soon. Isn't it beautiful?
Anyways, I should get ready for my class. I hope you all enjoy your Tuesday. I know I will.



Anonymous said...

Actually, that was not "OUR" awkward conversation. That was MY awkward conversation, of which you had no part...lucky you...
- carolyn

Ashley said...

that is the funniest car wash story EVER! at least you didn't do the "do it yourself" car wash with quarters. i did one like that one time and you pay for how much time you spend washing your car. i think i must've washed my car in 3 minutes because i didn't have any more quarters with me and i didn't want to not get to rinse the bubbles off my car! yikes!

on another note, i totally adore that heart picture. it really gets me in a painting mood. speaking of... we totally still need to have a painting party! i think i'm going to start a list of things we need to accomplish the week before school starts. i'll keep you posted... ;)