Sunday, July 08, 2007

Thinking Makes Me Restless

I know I will either need a lot of kids or a really hard job when I'm older, because I don't know what to do with myself if I don't have anything to do. Take right now, for example. I just got back from church, and I'm eating lunch. After lunch, however, I have no idea what I'm going to do today. Carolyn needs her alone time and so I think she's going to go to a park by herself. That leaves me without a car, which is fine, because I understand when you just need to get away. But I don't really have any homework to do, and so I'm trying to decide how to use my time today. Maybe I'll just read. Reading is always good. Plus I really need to finish the book that I started a few weeks ago and haven't been reading recently.

Maybe I'll just go to Coffee Station and work on stuff. Hmm.

Something happened today. Something clicked with my spirit. Or heart. Or something. Something inside of me felt right. I won't go into details because I need a lot of prayer over this one issue. It's something I never expected God to lay on my heart right now, but it's happened. Please pray for me about this! God knows what it is, so even if you don't know what you're praying for, He does and will take care of it. I'm just not really sure what to do about it. I think I need to talk to someone about this... Sorry this sounds so vague and mysterious. I'll probably talk about it soon, and I have no problem sharing about this with anyone who wants to sit down and talk to me face to face. I know that doesn't help.

It's funny how God prepares us for what will happen later in our lives. This is what I mean: My mom got an education degree, and then had two children who were severely dyslexic, and was able to use what she learnt to help them learn to read and do math problems. One of our family friends was a nutrition major and then had a daughter who was epileptic. She was able to use her knowledge to completely get rid of the epilepsy! I recently heard of someone who got a degree in education for children with hearing impairments, and then had a child who was deaf and could use sign language with them. God is so amazing! Sometimes we don't know why God leads us in certain directions, but it becomes clear later in life.

I am a math and science education major. I have four younger sisters. I lived in England for almost 9 years.

I have no doubt that God will use all of that (and more) later in life. Maybe I will have a child who has great difficulty with math. They could be dyslexic (I think it's hereditary or something, because it really runs in our family). Maybe I will have to move to another country when I'm older. Or maybe I will meet someone from England who lives here and be able to relate to them because of my life experiences. I can't think of anything for the four sisters thing, though. Maybe I'll have a lot of children?? Haha. Who knows. That's up to God. ;) I could keep guessing at this all day, though, but I'll never know what He has in store for me. I am just thankful that He is preparing me today for things that will happen in the future.

Blahhhh I need to talk to someone right now. It's driving me crazy. I just want to sit and have a 5 hour long conversation with someone about life.

Actually, I need to pray.



Ashley said...

i love reading about your amazing insight on life and reasoning. God has totally blessed you with that gift, and it really makes me reflect on my own life and everything that's going on in it.

i'm a math and science education major (too). i went to three different middle schools in three different states. i've lived in completely opposite ends of the country. i'm an only child.

hearing you talk about what God is going to do with the things you have and have learned makes me excited to think about the things He's going to do for me! :)