Monday, July 02, 2007

i love the miles between me and the city

Haha... I walked into my room and that's the first thing I heard... therefore, I put it as my title. Gorgeous song. I am kind of in love with Jon McLaughlin's music... especially his piano playing. Absolutely beautiful!!

So apparently my clothes have no personality. Carolyn told me that today when we were shopping at Old Navy. I do kind of wear the same things all the time -- I tend to buy multiple colors of the same shirt. And I buy solids, mostly. They go with more things. So, while I was at Old Navy, I bought a shirt with a big bird on it (it was on sale), a shirt with some random hearts all over it, and a not-so-normal shirt (still a solid color, though). Perhaps my wardrobe will perk up a little bit.

I also bought some curly hair gel stuff when we were shopping. I took a shower and put it in my hair, and it smells like a fish. No joke. I even got Carolyn to smell my hair, and she agreed. Seriously, why would the hair gel company decide to sell stuff that smells fishy? I really don't get it.

Today was the last day of my Summer Session I class, and I took a final. I actually could answer almost every single question. I didn't have to read every choice for the multiple choices thing. I knew before I even looked at the answers!! That is very rare for me. I used a new study tactic though, and I guess it worked really well for me. I am a very visual learner (and I think I might be kind of kinesthetic, too), so it helped me to type out a review sheet of all the important stuff, then highlight the extra important stuff. I could remember where something was on the page when a question came up. Craziness. I am going to be a teacher and I am only just now realizing how I learn.

I am eating a sandwich right now that makes me want to barf. I will remember this combination before I make a sandwich again. Nuh-uh.

I'm done.
Peace out.