Sunday, July 29, 2007

Second Post Today

Ohhhhh, two posts in one day! Can you believe it? (Probably.)

I am very tired and I feel really weak and worn out right now. I probably just need a hug. Instead, I turn to blogging, since everyone around me has gone to sleep. Yes, it's 10:20 and almost everyone in my apartment is either in their room going to sleep, or in their pajamas and getting ready for sleep. We're like old people.

I realized today that I need to become a better communicator. I always thought that I was quite good at communicating, since I love talking to people and engaging in conversation. I can carry on a conversation with someone for a long time.

But communication is much more than that.

My problem comes with listening. For the most part, I think I am a pretty good listener because I don't get distracted by things around me easily when talking to someone, and I try my best not to interrupt them or change the subject. I understand how frustrating it is when the person you're talking to does that, so I try to stay quiet when someone is talking to me.

I just tend to forget things people have told me.

Important things.
Things I should remember so as not to hurt people in the future.

And yet, I don't make an effort to remember these things and put them into practice.

I'm sorry I'm being vague.

I need to learn to be a better communicator from now on. I think communication is key, especially if you have hurt someone or if there is a dispute/argument over something. You must learn to listen to what the person has to say. You must not argue with them if they say that something you did hurt them. You must apologize sincerely, asking for forgiveness, and asking how to avoid hurting them in the future. You must not try to justify your actions. You must speak with a calm and gentle tone of voice. (And you must learn this stuff before you get married! Haha.)

I have had to learn all of this from experience. It is a humbling thing to come to someone, throw away your pride and admit that you are messed up and that you were wrong. I used to be awful at this, but I am becoming much, much better. I hope my sister would agree. Carolyn sees me apologize to her more than anyone else. Because she's the one I hurt more than anyone else. (Agreed, Carolyn?)

It is also very difficult to forgive others for hurting us. Yet because Christ forgave our sins, we must forgive others for wronging us.

It's a good picture of forgiveness.

As for me, right now, I am going to bed.

At 10:37. :)