Saturday, July 14, 2007

Theme of the Month: Quirks

Every time I come home, I lose my shoes. I practically wear them all around the house, but whenever I sit down, I take them off. After a little while, I will get up again and not be able to find my shoes. I will search the whole house: under the couch, under the table, in the bathroom (I tend to wash my feet a lot), in Tawny's mouth...

Then I will spot them.

On my mom's feet.

For some strange reason, my mom loves to wear my shoes. I don't understand it, but she will always put my shoes on when I see her. If I buy a new pair of shoes, she will want to try them on. And I'm pretty sure her shoe size is 1.5 sizes bigger than mine! I guess it's just one of her quirks.

I love quirks.

They make people so interesting.

I wash my feet every night before going to sleep. I love the feeling of going to sleep with clean feet. I don't think it's something I will ever stop doing. I also tend to stand on one leg (like a flamingo) while I brush my teeth.

Carolyn will make cups of tea, leave them sitting on the table to cool, and never drink them.

Christina plays with the salt shaker at the dinner table. She will take it apart and put it back together. Over and over again.

Claire has worn the same belt every day for years. She loves that belt.

Kellie bites her nails like it's nobody's business. It's worse than a normal nail biter.

My dad crosses his legs all the time. It's kinda girly, but it's him. He also loves romance novels and movies (he is a Nicholas Sparks fan).

Everyone has quirks, and it makes them unique!

My sisters and I are watching "Facing the Giants" right now, and so I'm a little distracted. I'm gonna go watch it.

After I clean my feet. :)