Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sunrises, Relationships and Hugs

I slept until 9:10 today, which is very rare for me these days. Normally I get up at 6:30, so sleeping for an extra (almost) 3 hours was amazing. I feel so refreshed and... lazy. I am not a morning person, but I really like getting up early.

I love seeing the world before everything is busy and bustling.
I love watching the sun rise high in the sky.
I love being able to hear the sound of the birds before the sound of the cars.
I love feeling like I have more hours in my day.

It's too bad that I'm normally exhausted when I wake up early. Although, I am getting better at it.

I found this picture (above) by searching "sunrise" on google images. I don't know where that is, but I want to go there. I want to sit on the edge of the lake and watch that gorgeous sunrise. I imagine myself sitting in one of those camping chairs, drinking some hot coffee or maybe even hot chocolate. Despite the buildings that I can see across the lake, it reminds me of somewhere I would go camping. So maybe hot chocolate would be a more realistic thing to be drinking, since you can buy those packets and add hot water. I don't touch instant coffee. That's disgusting.

I'm so glad that Anna is back from Brazil, because this means that I can sit with her and Carolyn and we can talk about relationships again for hours. I just read that sentance again, and it sounds like something from Laguna Beach. I promise, when we talk about relationships, it doesn't go like this:

"So are you with Spencer?"
"Yeah... I dunno though. He's just been acting really weird. I just... I dunno."
"He's so cute though."
"Yeah, he's hot."
"What's up with him and Lauren?"
"They went to that party together."
"Yeah, I dunno."

My brain turned to slush just writing that.

Women seem to talk about relationships a great deal when they are together. Woman are very relational creatures, and companionship seems to be at our core. Which makes a whole lot of sense, because God made us that way. He is relational!

The conversations I tend to have aren't conversations about who likes whom, who is cute, and what my wedding will look like. Gosh, I haven't even thought about that. I don't think its healthy to plan your wedding before you have even met the guy! I knew a girl in high school who had everything planned down to the smallest details. At that time, she was dating someone, but she had planned her wedding before she started dating him. Then she went off to college, they broke up, and she could be dating someone else now. I don't know. It's very sad.

Maybe it's just the people that I talk to, but our conversations go much deeper, and I am so thankful for that. We talk about submission, and what that is supposed to look like in marriage. We talk about being examples to other believers and non-believers in dating relationships. We talk about fears and insecurities we have. We talk about being wise women of the Lord. We talk about patience, and how to deal with these desires for relationships and marriages that are placed deep within us. We talk about guarding our hearts and being prayerful.

God has blessed me with amazing friends to be able to talk about this stuff with. Amazing, wise, wonderful women. :)

I busted out my iRiver last night. That's the mp3 player I had before I got an actual iPod. My iRiver is old, chunky, and makes this high pitched noise when it is turned on. It loses its battery charge like nothing else. But it has a bunch of music on it that is not on my iPod. So I hooked it up to my laptop to see what was on it. The answer: some amazing old music! I listened to a Snow Patrol cover of "Crazy in Love" which they probably shouldn't have made. Most of the music reminds me of summertime in England. Which makes me miss England even more.

I told one of my friends that I was going to go back to England one of these days. I probably shouldn't have said that, because I have no idea what is in store for me. I would love to go back, but who knows. I just looked at my roommate's pictures of Paris that she put on Facebook. I have been to Paris many, many times, but it all seemed so distant, like it happened in another life. It's funny that I am saying that, because while I was living in England, I used to say that living in Texas before I moved to England felt like a different life.

My life has been so weird!

I get weirded out just thinking about it. Suddenly, this world seems so big and different. The world is a very strange place. It is beautiful and different and diverse, full of people. Lots of people. Broken people who are craving love. Lost people who don't know who their Savior is. Wealthy people whose treasure will burn away like straw in a fire. I want to meet these people. All of these people.

I bet there are people out there who have never had a hug.

Can you believe that?

Hugs are awesome, and I love them. There are children out there who have never been touched in a loving way. All of the sudden I want to find these children and just hold them. And hug them. And kiss them. And snuggle with them. Maybe I will meet children like this if I become a teacher. I hope I do.

Wow, this post was so random. It had no flow or direction... which is a lot like my brain. These are just thoughts I have been thinking lately.

I should probably go get ready for my day now. I want to go out of town, away from buildings, and just walk around. I hear there are some great parks off Rock Prairie, on the other side of the highway. I think I will venture out there.

Have a nice day.

It's funny I say that, because I'm listening to that song right now (by Stereophonics). It reminds me of England. Especially because they are British musicians and they're singing about a visit to the United States, and how they look different and sound different.

We dress the same way, only our accents change.